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Is it worth it?

Wondering how good this game is before  I end up wasting my money.

And if I never played which one should I buy, thanks!


  • cryoracryora Member Posts: 367

    I would say get the Guild Wars Trilogy pack. All three campaigns for a great price. It will save alot of money compared to if you buy one first and decide you want to get the other ones later. Guild Wars is definately worth it. Factions has brilliant PvP. Nightfall has a marvelous story and world. And you won't be getting the full Guild Wars experience without having those extra classes (Assassin, Ritualist accessible only in Factions) (Dervish, Paragon accessible only in Nightfall).

    Buf if you can find better prices by buying them individually, go for it. I would recommend starting off with either Prophecies or Nightfall, because many people consider Factions a difficult campaign.

  • timkun92timkun92 Member Posts: 1

    I agree Guild wars is worth buying but I think Factions is the because the 2 other guild wars is too easy and there is so much to explore you will never get bored. Remember Don't play alone.

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