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20% OFF! GM Booth Opens!

With the Chinese New Year right around the corner, Phoenix Dynasty Online will be opening the GM PP Item Booth, besides a variety of other exciting events, as a gala celebration of the annual festival.


The booths will be well stocked with pp items of all kinds, ranging from useful tools such as Wantong Heavenly Book to precious gems like Massive Jade. All the PP items will be sold at 20% discount. However, the supplies are limited, being rationed to 10 items for each kind per day.


You may think there is nothing special of the booth except the special discount. You will certainly find yourself amazed and dazzled if you check the booth with great patience and high frequency.


Some of the inhumanly gorgeous and powerful mounts will also be on sale, such as the Jade Dragon, Red Silkweave Dragon, Golden Armored Dragon, Flamebane Demon, Frostbane Demon and so on. Thus do drop a visit as often as possible to the gm booth set at Sun City Warehouse Manager.


The gm booth will be opening in the following 4 days as a trial run. The ordinary daily goods supplied are listed as below


Jan.20: Peace Emblem (80 pp) Amber (80 pp)


Jan.21: Wantong Heavenly Book (400 pp) Crystal (80 pp)


Jan.22: Strengthening Emblem (24 pp) Warehouse 2nd page (512 pp)


Jan.23: Agate (120 pp) Mount skin (96 pp)


Remember to check the once-a-year offer of the insanely marvelous and mystic mounts!


Happy Lunar New Year!


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