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formorformor Member Posts: 1

Eudemons are like pets attached to your awakened weapon. They will grow with your weapon and add extra attributes to it. Once a eudemon reaches a certain level, it can be reborned and you need to sacrifice another eudemon for it. Different eudemons have different growth rates and specialties. Currently there are three types of eudemons: single attribute eudemon, double attributes eudemon, and universal eudemon. They can be easily attached or unattached to a weapon. They absorb stars’ power to grow and their highest level will be +1 to your weapon’s level. They can reborn numerous times!




  • papapiepapapie Member Posts: 3

    Where can you get eudemon?

  • ffeyerffeyer Member Posts: 4

    Drop by monsters or buy it from cash shop

  • bloodskybloodsky Member Posts: 3

    How to attach to an awaken weapon?

  • seasnow5589seasnow5589 Member Posts: 3

    By using the compose box. Awaken weapon on Sun slot, and eudemon on the moon slot

  • goodgirl1212goodgirl1212 Member Posts: 1

    I love eudemon.


  • ffeyerffeyer Member Posts: 4

    me too ,because the eudemons like a pet ,it always follow me

  • papapiepapapie Member Posts: 3

    is there any pets in this game?

  • aseveaseve Member Posts: 2

    it seems no pets,u can visit their pfficial website

  • lantanglantang Member Posts: 1

    A eudemon is something that you attach to your weapon. Not just any weapon, you need an awakened weapon. Once your weapon is greater than lvl 20, you should understand. Once you add a eudemon to a weapon, you can use the eudemon to add to your stats. For example purposes, let's say your eudemon is a Maowu. That is a good Physical Defense (PD) eudemon.


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