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Finally... change has come to PS

harnquistharnquist Member Posts: 13

A new server with, apparently, a new GM team. And most importantly a clean database. For once, the roleplayers are freaking out because of game changes. Good work, PlaneShift.


  • OomiOomi Member Posts: 9

    Thank you for the thread & the link, Harnquist. The team is excited about having this new server available to ourselves and the players. It will definitely open up more options to both gameplay and development. The original server, laanx, is still available and will continue to be so. For more details, please see the link that Harnquist provided. For information on how to get logged in to the new server, please go here -

  • harnquistharnquist Member Posts: 13

    While we are duly impressed with Tuxide's caveat of getting the first guildhouse on the new server and then offering it for a billion tria on the old server... I cannot be impressed with his threatening to buy the next (and presumably other) guildhouses that come up for sale. I do think that allowing this to happen would be contrary to the spirit of PlaneShift itself. It deserves consideration by the GM team.

    I should mention, based on my original post, that I really don't see a new GM team on the new server. This is only an observation, there are barely enough GMs to cover one server right now. And, as past experience has proven, it is best to emphasize quality, rather than quantity when it comes to GM presence in this game. I can say that the GMs that I have interacted with recently have been very pleasant to deal with.

    This game is not really finished. Monsters are simply placeholders right now, they have very little AI behind them. There is not a lot of great detail to the fighting systems and there are plenty of map issues. But it is worth noting that PlaneShift (Atomic Blue) has been providing a free working distro on three operating systems, a free server (now two), and a framework for interaction that appears to draw and keep many people.

  • OomiOomi Member Posts: 9

    Since the new (ezpcusa) server has no RP elements to enforce and less need for GM events, it is indeed likely that it will require less total GM hours to manage. Also, the GM team is in the midst of creating a more formalized plan for GM presence on ezpcusa, once they collect a bit more data on player activity, numbers of petitions, etc. Until that plan is in place, it's all about which GM on the current shift draws the shortest trepor wiggly feeler (very small, very bad joke - sorry).


  • harnquistharnquist Member Posts: 13

    Thanks, Oomi. Tuxide, you appear to think that PS is a game like any other. Sad...

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