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Just a Leeeeetle Bit Worried

gatherisgatheris Member UncommonPosts: 1,016

despite the tiny patch that we've had...........

who are these people - SpiderWeb, Winch Gate Properties?

what are their plans for this game i spend so much time in (ahem)

what is going on over at the Ryzom website - nothing that i can see despite the beginning of pay for play next month sometime, maybe

the general feeling i get from poking around is that the game is gonna be propped up to make it look like it is profitable or could be and then sold off at a profit from the pretty cheap price that was paid for it - now that may be a good thing but that would mean even more time before "real" work gets going on improving what is already a pretty decent game

anyway - does anyone know anything at all about what is going on?

(and yes, i am posting here 'cause i can't there - which may also be a good thing)




  • PiquedramPiquedram Member Posts: 127

    hmmm, we'll see what happens after we have to start paying. If nothing happens or no news is posted then, i doubt many people will pay for more than 1 or 2 months.


  • MariannMariann Member Posts: 200

    Already planning on subbing two accounts, for at least 3 - 6 months.  Mostly because I am still having way more fun on Ryzom than on any other game out there.


  • gatherisgatheris Member UncommonPosts: 1,016

    well, i must say with the new patch coming tomorrow i'm greatly encouraged

    now if only i could figure out this weather issue and digging for excellent - looks like it may take a year of studying - guess i may have to sub

    (if subbing ever happens)



  • dentomdentom Member Posts: 26

    Since the technical chief is Vianney Lecroart who has worked for Nevrax before and has been reactivated through the new owner, it is likely that more former Nevrax members now took over Ryzom. (For those who don't know: Nevrax was the developer studio that created Ryzom.)

    Probably they're afraid that all will be worried like: "The same people who have failed before running Ryzom are back." I suppose that's why they don't want to tell exactly who they are.

    What most people don't see is that the conditions are completely different now. Nevrax was a big team with over 20 people and many debts because of the development time - they didn't get out of this and went bankcruptcy. Spiderweb in contrary now bought a finished game and can start over with a team that fits to the money they (hopefully soon) will get. So because of theses changed conditions I'm quite optimistic that the scale is right now and fits. Small game, small developer team - but stable.

    If people from Nevrax rebought the game after the disastrous GameForge-Period, they will continue to develop the game in the way they planned years before without just milking the community and player's account for money.

    And the question what they plan for the future was answered:

    With today's patch they started to furfill the promises they made. And I'm sure that they will go on like this.

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  • PiquedramPiquedram Member Posts: 127

    I even heard Nevrax used to have 80 people, way too many for a game with so few subs, and that a clause in the gameforge takeover forced them to keep all those people, thus limiting the ability for Ryzom to be profitable.

    Gameforge with all its browsergames had so much potential to put this game into the spotlights, and they didn't... (i used to play a gameforge browser game at the time, never got any message about ryzom).

    I wonder how they expected to become profitable like that. I also heard (rumors, lol) the new devs would work on content after that major bug fix patch.


  • catfudcatfud Member Posts: 135
    Originally posted by dentom

    If people from Nevrax rebought the game after the disastrous GameForge-Period, they will continue to develop the game in the way they planned years before without just milking the community and player's account for money.

    If this really is the case I would be over the moon! I guess time will tell. A lot of players seem to be making such a big deal over this 'secrecy' but it doesn't bother me in the slightest. What the new owners have achieved so far is more than enough to inspire my confidence in them. Actions speak louder than words after all, they just seem to get things done... apart from subs but I'm sure that's matters out of their hands for now.

    It would be totally sweet if they are working on new content now. The two patches so far seem to have gone without a hitch.

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  • Aked_elBosseAked_elBosse Member Posts: 22

    I'm with everyone else that feels the new company has done more then enough to prove their overall intentions with the future of Ryzom. Who they are is meaningless but, their notices are a bit few and far between. Either way at this point they have kept each so called promise they made, even though the timeframe had to be extended a few times.

    What does matter now is in what direction is the game going.  So far only hints and vague annoucements that they are going back to the lore. (If I missed some release please repeat it).

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