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Looking for a cause? StarSec is recruiting!

LarecLarec Member Posts: 1


is looking for new members!


Are you looking for a cause? For something to fight for?

Do you want to make a difference and provide security and peace in the harsh and cold space of EVE Online?

Look no further, you’ve found your new home!

StarSec is a relatively new Corporation, created for a single goal: to secure space in the lowsec and 0.0 areas of Domain and Providence.

We have a clear and structured concept and provide our members with ships for the PvP-Action and Combat Patrols. Because of this, we also do a lot of industry related activities, like (moon-)mining, building, hauling and so on… So everyone adds his/her share to our cause.

You’ll find our concept here: It‘s rather long, but well worth the read.

I hope we could spark your interest. If so, feel free to visit our message board under and drop us a message or contact us ingame: Zephira Starchaser or Larec Karendar.

Join our cause and enlist today!



Fighting for a cause!


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