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Wishing all the best for the new Ryzom team - yeah right!

gatherisgatheris Member UncommonPosts: 1,016

well, i was going to complain greatly about the lack of communication - including who the heck these people are that purchased Ryzom and what their plans are - but i haven't paid anything so not sure i really have a leg to stand on, but.....

now that we know what we are going to be paying for Ryzom starting at some uncommunicated date next month i expect to hear from these people

it doesn't bode well though that the english server for this game has been off-line for many hours (actually six that i know of) with no word why, how, when, where - blah blah blah (other than a community manager admitting to the fact that the server is down - whoopee)

better get your act together BEFORE you start expecting money - not after




  • PiquedramPiquedram Member Posts: 127

    well, the company's in europe. I just guess they didn't have a "night watch" in place.

    And by now applying a server side patch, which will take a couple of hours. I for one am happy about how things are going and will most certainly subscribe


  • SherkalynSherkalyn Member Posts: 105

    You can always download the CeB chat to get more "up-to-date" updates when the server crashes. You can't expect that much more information than the CSRs themselves have to give you, but at least, you'll have other homins to chat with while the server is down.

    AND seriously, AoC was charging people while their servers were (are still?) much more unstable than Ryzom's. A couple hiccups once in a while are still better than instances crashing everytime there is a merge or split, in the middle of a full spawn of aggro bandits and the enemy guild waiting for you to get out of invuln so they can kick your ass out of "their" leveling spot.

    I think Spiderweb is at least better than Gameforge and Funcom in the aspect that there is no false promises : when they announce something, it's because it's going to be implemented in the next patch and said patch is ready to be implemented. To me that's reassuring.

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  • gatherisgatheris Member UncommonPosts: 1,016


    and i'm not the only one - and whatever it is it shouldn't be necessary


    i think most people head to a games website when they have issues

    just asking for some communication - speaking of which by the way - i really like the huge banner and fireworks display announcing the relaunch of Ryzom on February ??, 2009 on their homepage

    i really like this game but seriously - spiderweb is killing this game with their lack of PR expertise even before the game is really back

    also very interesting that they have kept new players from posting on the forums - that way they only hear from kissbutt "elders" that are just happy the game is momentarily back with little to no criticism - they certainly need to hear from those with different viewpoints




  • TuyetTuyet Member Posts: 135

    CeB: Forums > Customer Support > Technical Support -- bottom sticky

    It's a " Live Chat Support Tool "  and very handy if something goes wrong like you cann't even log on. I've only really needed it once but saved me a lot of time.

  • gatherisgatheris Member UncommonPosts: 1,016


    cool - thank-you



  • MaDSaMMaDSaM Member Posts: 627


    it always amazes me that people do seem perfectly willing to post on boards like these that there is, to them, "no communication" and spend time looking at the main website, where the official boards are certainly linked, but obviously they can´t be bothered to just take one look at these official boards of the game, where incidentally a post was made by the Community manager stating that the servers "will be down for approximately 4 hours and it may take longer. Sorry, we can´t guarantee the time it takes."


    It was there LONG BEFORE the Servers went down.

    And in addition, I said it in another thread and I´ll say it again:


    Do you folks think they are going to charge money again just for the fun of it?

    Do you think MMOS develop all by themselves, maybe grow on digital trees?

    No money = no further development = no game

    Easy equation isn´t it?

    So, I´ll pay gladly, just to snub my oh so arrogant oldy nose at you.

    And to give the Devs a chance to make things better.






    Ryzom, we dare to be different.
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  • gatherisgatheris Member UncommonPosts: 1,016

    excuse me

    but if you actually read my post it was about the server being down unexpectedly - not for the patch - so easy to jump isn't it 

    i did go to their website and expected to find something on their main page but no - found a link in the general forums to a post in the support forums - from a player by the way - that was answered by a community manager type that no one was sure what was going on - but no OP from anyone associated with Ryzom directly

    and since i am "new" i can't post at the official forums - oops, official boards - just so you know 

    oh and lose that elder attitude - it is one of the main reasons there are few noobs that remain with the game


  • MaDSaMMaDSaM Member Posts: 627

    Excuse me now,

    but your post doesn´t say a thing about it being down "unexpectedly" and I didn´t even know it was.

    All I and apparently some others knew was the downtime for the patch, so excuse us to jumping to conclusions.

    if a Server does crash, it happens most of the time very unexpectedly, yes.

    How great it would be if there´d be a message stating:

    "This server is going to crash in 10 minutes, please fasten your seatbelts and get ready for reboot."

    But alas, thats sadly not possible.

    Every game out there has unexpected server crashes and in every forum here and official , you´ll

    find remarks very similar to yours. But well, if it was even possible to build servers completely free of any kind of technical glitch or malfunction, then it would surely revolutionise the business.


    Anyway, sorry about getting a bit worked up here.

    And I´m not at all a typical elder, never really had that "attitude", at least I hope so.

    My "nose" remark was meant as a sarcastic "typical" response to your fairly "typical" post.

    Sorry I missed my mark with it.





    Ryzom, we dare to be different.
    Do you dare to adapt?
  • gatherisgatheris Member UncommonPosts: 1,016

    hey, none of my posts are typical

    but anyway, perhaps i should have been a bit more explicit about which downtime i was typing about but i figured the timing was a big clue

    but, the post wasn't really about just this one incident as server stability has been quite good - but the lack of communication overall

    about the only info of any substance was a statement about making the game more accessible - which makes everyone nervous that enjoys the game as is despite the dead economy

    oh well, wait and see i guess but i would appreciate some concrete info BEFORE giving them money - $11.00 ain't much but there are lots of places i could find to throw money away



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