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Time for a Fair Deal to the Gameplayers

Jalice888Jalice888 Member CommonPosts: 113

 I am so disappointed with the direction most game developers have taken where all they want to do is suck as much money as they can from the Game Playing Community.

See below my complaint about how Jagex need to change the way they charge their members - yes this game isn't the best and I doubt they do have the most people playing even though they keep claiming to, but they may have the greatest number quitting for sure!

"The first step to repair this game & all games is to change the charging to an hourly 5cent charge, this then fairly charges for the time you play, thus a child on for an hour a day shouldn't now pay the same as a dumb kid that plays 12 hours a day (reason;;col1 which is how a couple of Jagex staff helped towards their own deaths) . If you play an hour a day then you spend $1.50 a month but a silly kid on 12 hours a day pays $18 a month and the charging would be simply that you pay upfront until your credit gets low then you have to top that up - why should decent people playing afew hours a week pay for an idiot to spend so long on he kills himself young through bad health???"

 Anyone can copy this to their own game forum on here but I want this to be 'MMORPG' property so keep it here since I regard them as No.! in Gaming. You can alter it to fit in with your own charges that will all differ and you don't even have to quote me but keep it to the idea of charging by the hour!


  • calvin80calvin80 Member Posts: 20

     i agree with the above ...sensible charging for hourly playing of mmorps needs to be in place ...especially when they are equally competitve free gaming sites around !

  • QuizzicalQuizzical Member LegendaryPosts: 23,226

    If a company only charges a nickel an hour, that would only bring in a small fraction of the revenue of a standard subscription plan.  To bring in current revenue assuming that players don't change their playing habits, you'd need to charge several times that.

    And even that wouldn't bring up as much revenue as you might hope for, since the players it would alienate would mainly be the ones who play quite a lot--that is, the ones who would have to pay quite a lot to play. 

  • Jalice888Jalice888 Member CommonPosts: 113

     Quizzical sounds like a game owner wanting you to spend all the money you earn, personally I think he lacks sunlight exposure and didn't look at that important information on my link at all!!!

    That ignorance of money is bad even when the world was rich, why pay huge dollars for a few pixels like that stupid 'Tales Of Pirates' that cons people to pay $1000US for a lvl65 outfit thats better than any other gear players have and those owners then take the gems etc out of it to make a lower player even more damaging to PVP absolutely everyone in the lvl30 to lvl45 area, thus they claim to be good but are a real life idiot paying lots for a few pixels and are simply pathetic cheats. Most games exist with mainly cheats of all sorts of false experience being hackers stealing your gear for their levels - this is why I find most high levels just idiotic fools and I tell everyone to remember your game is just you since most you see don't deserve a glance let alone any respect!

     This is a new era since many here talk about how mmorpgs are boring and this is a way to put some new injection into existing games where most are surviving by the long term players that are there for the chat to friends as much or more than the game itself, remember chat clubs are generally free to enter so if we pay 5 cents an hour then this is a massive cost to talk to mates!!!

  • EruielEruiel Member UncommonPosts: 75

    I believe that the chances of a pay per hour type of plan is not viable for a number of reasons... to begin with, for the average player the usual subscription fee isn't alot ( far from it ) and while it isn't unreasonable for most of us, for the developers its a considerable sum. And as far as I can tell, there is not one f2p mmo that has the quality ( in all aspect ) compared to a p2p...I don't think that games that transit from p2p to f2p need mentioning on...

    In truth there arent true f2p games because in the end there is a substantial amount of players in those that spend a far more ridiculous amount for extra perks which translates to those that do not waste the same amount of money to be slightly disadvantaged, which as a whole is the reason why I rather p2p as I only pay a fixed amount per month, like the other players and the service quality and the game itself is worth the money and technically "fair" as I have what I have in my game because I spent time and effort on it and not because I payed real money for it...

  • Jalice888Jalice888 Member CommonPosts: 113

     Eruiel, thats a good comment for the existing systems. The part of that which not fully true is exchange rates, I believe both negative comments on this thread are from Americans where their dollar has finally improved considerably from about a year ago, the problem there like all the world is how this recession is going to be the biggest disaster since the Great Depression - reasons being never after the Great Depression has all markets taken a hammering (property, gold, oil, minerals, sharemarkets and any others that spare money was put into when properties declined). I can't believe the American Govt is bailing out car makers who squandered their earnings and get given support to sell when people can't afford to buy a new car - the same senslessness is being done in gaming and you will see huge numbers of games close which, for players that have sense not to play 24/7 but a bit at the time over a few years, is going to really hurt them but can't be helped due to game designers not considering the human element to gaming at all. To this end, I have heard of so many deaths from online addicted gamers, I always wonder how many have been killed due to the Gaming Community as a whole  ???

    As far of costs, from what i've heard in massive numbers of games, no game can beat 'Guild Wars' that has a one-off $30US charge and is free after that. Games that keep charging are simply money printers as the input like in Runescape is pathetic for what people pay and compared to that WOW doesn't have a word bad enough to explain paying so much for the CD to load it then paying a lot in monthly subscriptions aswell. You ever heard the term 'The bigger you are, the harder you fall' as this is the of what will happen to overpriced games in a recession and those players will then want blood from the developers, thus the developers have a duty to provide real value for the gamers in their games!

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