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Richard Garriott says he's going back to gaming

kingleekinglee Member Posts: 103


If this doesn't infuriate NcSoft, nothing will.



  • SgtFrogSgtFrog Member Posts: 5,001

    eh screw him, game will probably fail again.

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  • severiusseverius Member UncommonPosts: 1,514

    Hopefully he does a better job than what he had done with Tabula Rasa.  Do not get me wrong, Richard Garriott in his day was god-like.  However I think that day has long passed, unfortunately.  Ultima is owned by EA and unless something special happens they will not work together.  Most all of the brains that worked with him at Origins are either still at EA or spread to the 4 winds, so the likelihood of getting all those folks back together is slim to none.  There is still hope that he can come up with something special but it won't be for a good long time.


  • MidnitteMidnitte Member Posts: 510

    Originally posted by kinglee
    If this doesn't infuriate NcSoft, nothing will.
    What is he? A professional sports player?

    I'm sure whatever game he wants to make he won't get the investment to develop it. Tabula Rasa was a failfest.

    Can we honestly just make Garriott disappear? :x


  • DarwaDarwa Member UncommonPosts: 2,177

    Garriott is a twat. A has-been, A non-contender.

    His press may try and tell you otherwise, but it doesn't wash.

  • jarveyjarvey Member Posts: 1

    Come on! At least Richard Garriot attempts to get away from oh so boring WoW, Korean, grid-til-you-die type of games. Tabula Rasa wasn't a bad idea but should've spent more time in Beta, way more time. Since I'm a longtime Ultima player (from the first) and still have an active UO account I still have respect for him.

  • ZorvanZorvan Member CommonPosts: 8,912

    Could someone be kind enough to forward Richard the memo explicitly informing him he's not wanted back? Apparently, he didn't get it when it.

  • Death1942Death1942 Member UncommonPosts: 2,587

    the guy is a tool.  I have 0 respect for anyone who sticks their name on a product that took a TEAM years to develope.  Its like at the end of a long season of sport and you win the grand final only you Captain keeps the trophy and any mentions/photos in the paper are of him and no one else.


    anyway it would be nice if he looked at himself in the mirror and see that he is no longer a decent developer

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  • WagonerWagoner Member Posts: 92

    As far as hoping for a UO2 goes I think my avatar says it all.

  • googajoob7googajoob7 Member Posts: 866

    makes you wonder who would be stupid enough to employ him again

  • KorgakKorgak Member Posts: 20

    Brad McQuaid, John Smedley, &  Mark Jacobs come to mind.  He'd fit perfectly...

  • todeswulftodeswulf Member Posts: 715
    Originally posted by googajoob7

    makes you wonder who would be stupid enough to employ him again


    EA Mythic that's who....Garriott is coming back to Ultima. I know this as fact.

  • todeswulftodeswulf Member Posts: 715
    Originally posted by Korgak

    Brad McQuaid, John Smedley, &  Mark Jacobs come to mind.  He'd fit perfectly...


    You forgot David Bowman and Ken Troop.

  • KyleranKyleran Member LegendaryPosts: 27,496

    Hmm, if it was baseball, Richard would be batting .500 and it would be considered good.

    Seems in MMO's however, stumble once and people think you're done.

    Maybe if he did return to his roots (UO) things might turn out better.


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  • JupstoJupsto Member UncommonPosts: 2,075

    I'm confused!

    Garriott's next project is "probably medieval fantasy and probably online," the designer told BBC News.

    "After 25 years at Origin, the last thing I wanted to make was yet another medieval fantasy game," Garriott explained


    so he wants to make exactly the last thing he wants to make. maybe i'm just hung over but WTF?

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  • popinjaypopinjay Member Posts: 6,539

    Given how difficult it is for any MMO designer to reproduce a big hit after they've popped their cherry, I wouldn't give him ANY funding to make any games if I was a company like EA or something. I wouldn't invest in it if I was a venture guy either. The odds say its highly unlikely you strike MMO gold twice.

    But, I would definitely HIRE him to come on board and work with any younger designers and MMO makers I had or planned to back. He definitely has loads of actual experience and could speed up their process, allowing them to jump past some things they couldn't see coming that he's failed at.

    Even though his last project was a failure in a commercial sense, the man still has way more knowledge than most of younger people regarding things in the industry. He could be invaluable as a type of mentor but I would'nt give him final say on anything.

    No need to scrap him because he got a bomb. You can still pick his brain. (I know I left the door open on that, but meh)

  • GorillaGorilla Member UncommonPosts: 2,234

     I'd pay 15 a month to send him back into space.

  • AntariousAntarious Member UncommonPosts: 2,788

    I'd have mixed feelings on this one.

    First off there was many years of great games from him (my opinion) of course that was pretty much when a C64 was common to own.

    On the surface like anyone else I saw a game box with Richard's name on it and then as it was obviously having issues he goes into space.

    On the other hand the game was an NCSoft game.

    We don't know what was going on beyond what we saw and RG would be under an NDA just like when he left OSI/EA.

    I don't know how much control he had over the game.  I don't know if they were telling him to do things that lead the game to the state that it was and I don't know if the reason he went into space when I thought he should have been trying to save the game... was because he wasn't allowed to do anything else.

    I assume he bailed on the game.. but I guess I really don't know "for sure" and probably never will.

    So I kinda am going to stick with that he appeared to go to space camp instead of trying to save the game.  Like I said I'm torn... but I beta tested TR so.... that gave me a good clue.

    *last note* Gotta remember they also totally re-designed TR.. I never saw what it looked like before then and I really didn't understand why they changed it.  I remember something about feedback of some kind.. wish I had seen that version.

  • RooseveltRoosevelt Member Posts: 341

    This is Tabula Rasa as of 2004


    Now just try and imagine that they had to scrap everything they had combat and animation wise and work from the start again. The older version of TR looked much better to me and much more unique. There was also player housing from the start (You can see RG talking about it in a another video) and they had plans for a deep crafting system. Trust me the blame should be on NCsoft no RG.

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  • WagonerWagoner Member Posts: 92

    I remember when I first heard he was making Tabula Rasa I was really dissapointed. He made my favorite game of all time. So when I heard he was making a game that wasn't fantasy or pvp I wasn't happy. Hopefully he will go back to his roots and strike lightning twice.

  • xaldraxiusxaldraxius Member Posts: 1,249

    I'm expecting to read that he's signed on to Cryptic. They've got Bill Roper, why not RG too? That said, I wouldn't call it a bad idea if it were to happen. Cryptic, to me, is the next MMO juggernaut, so if they can pick up these expirienced devs on the rebound from failed projects they can build a damn decent team.

  • AirspellAirspell Member Posts: 1,391

      Yes throw more failed developers into the pot and you'll get gold, makes sense :P



  • ssnautilusssnautilus Member Posts: 373
    Originally posted by Death1942

    the guy is a tool.  I have 0 respect for anyone who sticks their name on a product that took a TEAM years to develope.  Its like at the end of a long season of sport and you win the grand final only you Captain keeps the trophy and any mentions/photos in the paper are of him and no one else.
    anyway it would be nice if he looked at himself in the mirror and see that he is no longer a decent developer


    It wasn't that he was hogging the TEAM glory - it was a marketing gimmick to try to sell us that trash -  if his name is on it people will (and did) buy due to his cult following fom Ultima days. (Ofcourse, it might be possible that the TEAM themselves suggested he put his name on TR so they wouln't be in the firing line! )

  • ArthineasArthineas Member Posts: 231

    Being that is will be a fantasy game, I am definitely looking forward to it.  I have always been a Richard Garriot fan.

  • GorillaGorilla Member UncommonPosts: 2,234

     I dunno he seems like a buffoon to me. Can't help feeling that the reason UO did well is because RG was happy to let Koster make the important design decisions while he played dressing up.

  • AngelBurstAngelBurst Member UncommonPosts: 24

     I've worked in teh gaming industry for over 20 years, and if RG is a failure, then you can pretty much say 99% of the game development community is a failure, or even the industry as a whole. I think after dealing with PlayNC, and seeing how the industry is going with publishing as a whole. It probably turned him off to the industry. It gets to a lot of developers. Not to metion the kind of perspective leaving the planet and looking down on earth from space might give someone. It might make someone contimplate what contribution they've made to the world. Making games doesnt stand up to something like a Nobel Prize. I can see why someone might do something drastic after such an experience like that. I'm sure the realization of his actions probably hit him much later.  I'm sure we will have a few of these moments in our lives. I know I constantly ask myself these days if I've done enough good in my time here, or is it time to quit goofing around and do somethign real. I think a lot of us creative types go through this as we get older. Usually I just go back to whatever it is I am doing, but some days I get up and go do something good for someone. You should try it!


    That's my perspective.

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