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Classic Everquest Server Petition - Calling All Oldschool Players



  • RedwoodSapRedwoodSap Member Posts: 1,235

    What about Stationcash? If they allow Stationcash on a true classic server, not that joke they released previously where the uberguilds controlled when expansions were released, then you won't have a real classic experience.

    In classic EQ there were no experience and crafting potions to buy. That would defeat the purpose of a classic EQ.


  • MaeiliuMaeiliu Member Posts: 40

    For me they would have to change the EULA as well, becasue as it stands now they can give your personal data to whoever they wish.

  • GoldknyghtGoldknyght Member UncommonPosts: 1,516

    As much as a classic server would be nice the server would be doomed to fail after a month. I did the progression server and that was a nightmare to find xp that wasn't already being camped. i do think they could do good by making a server with everything. Have 2 hot zones for each teir that way all the flux of people will play in those two respective zones and level up together vs a mad house that would happen with a NEW CLASSIC SERVER. yeah end game classic server is fine but begginning game it will fail and you want to try and keep people playing not draw them away. like i was in the progression servers because of the over camped zones.

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