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Guild Recruitment Thread ----Look for a TOR guild here



  • LunastormLunastorm Member Posts: 5

    Eternal Oblivion [Tarro Blood] http://eternaloblivion.enjin.com/  is currently recruiting. 

  • Baine5Baine5 Member Posts: 30

    Vanishing Legacy is recruiting

    Server: EU PvE - Hydian Way



  • akira-luxakira-lux Member Posts: 2



    If you're looking for a TOR RP guild come check us out! We are the "Guardians of the Legacy" and we are a TOR lightside guild that  welcomes Jedi, Troopers, and Smugglers. We are focused mainly off of the game and are a heavy RP based guild. Some of our members also play TOR, but our largest focus is on RP'ing during the TOR era.

    We love meeting new people so if you're even remotely curious about RPing, stop by for a visit. We have a friendly atmosphere and have lots of fun.

    Just follow this link



    Hope to see you soon!

  • zethraazethraa Member UncommonPosts: 4

    Is there a Recruiting guild list sorted by " SERVER NAME "  ? ?

    thanks in advance

  • KeresanteKeresante Member Posts: 1

    theRSFcrew on PoT5 server is RECRUITING!

    Like PvE and PvP? Looking for a guild to raid with? theRSFcrew is seeking new members. We are in need of tanks and healers for operation progression groups. We are always looking for more PvP players and hope to get a cohesive group for ranked warzones as well.

    Recruiting members of ALL levels and experience.

    What we offer:

    Friendly and knowledgeable members


    Guild Bank

    Part of the Immortal Sanctum alliance

    If interested, apply at http://thersfcrew.immortal-sanctum.net, or in game message Deleterious, Delerious, Keresante or Ajudicator.

  • DruuuDruuu Member UncommonPosts: 9

    Casual SWTOR players are invited to join the Warpigs Republic Guild on Jedi Covenant server! We are a laid back group of gamers who enjoy helping players learn the game, improve their skills, get through group content but most importantly, HAVE FUN!

    For more information on our Guild please see our Guild post on the SWTOR forums.

    Our Guild page on mmorpg.com is HERE.

    You can PM me here on mmorpg.com, or PM ME on the swtor.com forums.


    May the Force Be With You!


  • SkyeTetraSkyeTetra Member Posts: 3


    Chroniclers of the Myriad


    A grey-aligned Sith Empire RP and social guild on Progenitor

    Recruiting now - http://chroniclersofthemyriad.enjin.com/recruitment

    We are a friendly guild who focus on story, roleplay, character and socialising - we offer help to new players and advancement opportunities for all. Come and help us make something special!


  • SkyeTetraSkyeTetra Member Posts: 3

    We also have a new recruitment thread and would really appreciate it if you added it to the stickied post!

    Thank you, either way :)


  • evgenijmevgenijm Member Posts: 2

    Binary Sunset is recruiting!

    We welcome mature and friendly players who primarily enjoy operation team play but will also gladly accept anyone who has the right qualifications in terms of personality and is just looking for a home filled with fun and social friends to be.

    We can promise:

    • mature, respectful and fun atmosphere
    • friendly guild mates and competent players
    • experienced Ops Leaders who make sure Operations go smoothly
    • carefully developed Tiering System to meet your level of game play, whether you are experienced player or just starting your path of mastering end-game content
    • Operation runs 5-6 days a week
    • other resources to help improve your progress in game (guides, words of advice, crafting)

    We are looking for members, who are:

    • mature and respectful
    • eager to become part of close-knit community
    • ready to learn, improve and help others to do the same while keep the atmosphere stressless
    • mostly interested in end-game content

    Want to know more? Ready to join?

    Apply here

    Any questions, doubts or concerns? Ask them here or in PM.
    Or contact Anamaria or Asharl in game.

    And may the Force be with you!

  • ArwithArwith Member UncommonPosts: 2

    Could you please add TAW - The Art of Warfare?

    thank you

  • RoHBotRoHBot Member Posts: 3

    If you could add our guild, the Remnants of Hope, it would be much appreciated, thanks!


    Remnants of Hope

  • MadisynMadisyn Member Posts: 8
    <div may-blank-within"="">

    Guild Name: Critical Orbit

    Faction: Republic

    Server: The Shadowlands

    Guild Focus: PvX, semi-Hardcore Raid Progression, All PvP aspects

    Looking for: Anyone is welcome, just please keep it 18+

    Timezone: US EST-PST

    Website: http://orbgaming.com

    About Orbgaming:

    We are a multi gaming community. We have chapters in WoW, GW2, ESO, Minecraft, LoL, Diablo3, Rust, DayZ, Starbound, and soon EQnext and Archage. We also use to run in Rift, FFXIV and Wildstar. I am probably missing a few titles but you get the idea. We are a very diverse, yet experienced group of players.

    We are a very easy going bunch, but when the time comes, we get down and dirty. We are a 18+ mature guild (in age only). We don't care what class you play or how you plan to play it, just be effective with it. We use Teamspeak and a website to keep our members connected and informed. We are looking for like minded, EXPERIENCED players to bolster our ranks in all areas. Our membership hails from all over the globe, but the majority lives in the US, so our peak times range from 5pm EST to 2am PST. The only requirements we have is to apply on the website, (yes an application, relax, it's like 4 questions) have a quick interview with the leadership and use the teamspeak while playing and have fun.

    Thanks, and I hope to see you all in game,


  • ThirrenThirren Member Posts: 1

    Guild - Republic Specforce

    Faction - Republic

    Server - Begeren Colony

    Republic Specforce is a Military RP guild that is looking for more Troopers (Smuggler exceptions can be made) to join our ranks. We are a part of a Multi Guild Community which is made up of 6 guilds: The Jedi Order, Republic Specforce, Republic Privateers, The Sith Order, Mando’ade Aliite, and Imperial Blackops. All of these guilds have between 350 to 500 members that participate in PvE, PvP, RP, and GSF events both within their respective guilds and in the community. Participating in events in our guild is highly encouraged but we will never force you to participate in an event.

    Restrictions –

    • Must be 18+ years old to join (If under 18 must have parental permission given on TeamSpeak)
    • Must be willing to wear Red and White Heavy Trooper armor at all times. Officers are able to help you with this if help is needed.
    • Must have an appropriate RP name

    What We Offer –

    • A large and active player base in both the guild and the community
    • A website. Here is the link to the front page of the Specforce part of the website. Feel free to watch our recruitment video - http://www.jediswtor.com/specforce
    • TeamSpeak
    • 10% XP and reputation bonuses
    • A guild ship and guild headquarters
    • A guild bank with 5 tabs
    • Strong Leadership that changes out every 3 months so other members of the guild have the chance to lead.
    • A way to progress in rank within the guild

    What We Do –

    • PvE – We have multiple Ops teams in the community, flashpoint runs, and world boss hunts
    • PvP – We have people that consistently group up for Unranked and Ranked warzone premades, world pvp, and PvP/Rp events
    • RP – Not only do we have RP events within the guild and the community, but we also have a weekly Call to Arms ceremony where we recruit new members into our ranks. Following this ceremony we have an Honor Guard event for the initiation ceremony of The Jedi Order
    • GSF – We have multiple Squadrons on the Republic and Imperial side of our community. One of these squads is Specforce led
    • Conquest – We have conquered both Taris and Balmorra and have consistently placed in the top 10 each week. We also do Commander Runs for encryptions and are well on our way to unlocking the guild ship.
    • Classes – We offer 101 and 201 classes for PvE, PvP, RP, and GSF

    Ways to Join –

    • Sign up on the Website!
    • Contact ingame our GM, Nyntramar, or any of our officers, Thirren, Draek, Hannez, Verdal, Lullanna, Tirrania, or Cathalia.
  • DeepfallDeepfall Member UncommonPosts: 51

    My main toons are on the Red Eclipse and Republic side. 
    Feel free to contact me if your guild is recruiting. I'm looking for a small & friends active community, but haven't got that much luck until now. I'm mostly playing GSF, but it does not mean I've no interest questing with guild mates.
    Please contact:
    Haatchi Solusar (jedi shadow 65)
    Encore Solusar  (smuggler around 40)

    on the red eclipse, if you feel you know people who could go along with me :)

    Many thanks,

  • neyla12neyla12 Member CommonPosts: 35
    edited August 2018
    Thanks for putting this together, tillamook.
    plex luckypatcher kodi 
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  • ladyjediknightladyjediknight Newbie CommonPosts: 1


    The Je'daii OrderOur aim is to help the Members of The Je'daii Order and anyone that asks for help.....


    Satele Shan





    Last Updated

    April 7, 2020




    Operations PvP Ranked PvP Flashpoints Conquest Roleplay Social/hanging out Levelling Crafting Datacron Hunting World Bosses Dueling / Tournaments Galactic Starfighter Open World PvP Dailies Heroics Achievements

    Guild level


    Operations Groups

    Story Veteran Master

    Guild description

    A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.......

    Hello! The Je'daii Order is a Intergalactic Republic Jedi Order we serve the Galaxy and the Community for the greater good that is EPICLY! Community wide based. We are NEWLY! arisen Guild However the "name" of the the Order has been around for 36,453 BBY in the Star Wars Universe.
    Our Guild has Roles:
    Admin, Game Moderators (GM), PvP, Jedi Master, Je'daii Journeyer, Je'daii Ranger, Je'daii Padawan, PvP GM, PvP, Jedi Temple Guard, Jedi Order Community Wide GM, Heroic GM, Heroic, Jedi Order StoryTeller, Jedi Master, Jedi Knight, Jedi Padawan, Jedi Recruit, Je'daii Order Reccruiter.

    The Guild is after "Admins" and "Game Masters" SWTOR related players who know the tech perks of the SWTOR game and will be able to HELP! the players in the guild if they have a SWTOR Tech question. if you can HELP! please contact the OWNER of the Guild to get your spot today! "ADMINS" and "GM's" MUST! be TRUSTWORTHY! and FREE! from any criminal or drama related activity and have a HELPFUL! and willingness to HELP! others attitude! Admin and SWTOR GM experienced is preferred, but NOT! necessary.

    We CREATE! Epic large scale Community events, and if your one of those members who CREATE! large scale Community wide events please don't hesitate to contact the Admins, GM's.

    RULES of the Je'daii Order Guild
    NO! Politics, Religion, Drama, OR! Discrimination is ALLOWED! While we aim to search for quality members on the virtual SWTOR! Gaming Servor, everyone NO matter what nationally, language we ACCEPT! you! We treat ALL! players AS EQUALS! and the Guild is here to STAY!

    Guild Community Web Site

    Face Book The Je'daii Order Face Book Page:

    The Je'daii Order Discord

    Guild requirements

    No Requirements! Just ask!
    However, having discord is a requirement this is so if you want to take part in Guild Quests, PvP Guild Team, Or Guild Heroic Quests this so that you can communicate effectively, to do this please add this link BELOW to your web browser to be added to the Je'daii Order Discord Servor: https://discord.gg/Hc92Y9

    How to join

    Hello to join:
    Please Contact:
    Ashlie Ashbourne (In World via chat) OR! contact LadyJediKnight via The Je'dai Order Discord
    Sirkyle (In World via chat)
    Please contact the In-World Je'daii Order Recruiter:
    Livyatan (Lead Recruiter)


    To be announced!
    Flagship: The Je'daii Order Flagship
    To be announced
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