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The Original Cloth map

VictasVictas Member Posts: 16

Does anyone remember that cloth map and pin you got with the game at release? I was cleaning my garage the other day and came across it. God what a good game(was). I remember when I bought my first boat, and sailed out of moonglow only to get totally lost at sea.  I actually had to use that map, and unlike other games there is no simple click for the world map to show you your exact location. Its little things like this I miss in mmorpgs these days.



  • FockerFocker Member Posts: 344

    I wasn't a lucky one to have played that early to get a cloth map, but I did have the large paper map with the book of 100+ pages telling you everything in the game.  I still have it sitting around here somewhere. 

  • VictasVictas Member Posts: 16

    Can't even find the thing on e bay.

  • IAmMMOIAmMMO Member UncommonPosts: 1,462

      I got two Uo cloth maps and pins that came with the first retail box. One cloth map is hung up on the wall in my Pc room. The pin is stuck in a pin-up board . The second cloth map is still in the original box with the pin still attached to the map.

  • StymieStymie Member Posts: 18

    The original cloth map and pin are very collectable. I was hunting them for a while on Ebay several months ago. I've seen the map sell $14-20, and the pin as high as $26 though that was just once. I managed to pick up a complete Collector's Edition Box on Ebay that came from Australia complete with Aussie tax stamps for $22 and contained both. If you want to get a hard to acquire item/ items, the 2 posters that came with the Signiture Edition usually sell above $20 each. Finding them without pin holes and tears, now thats a challenge.

    My cloth map ended up framed above my computer desk, and my pin accents my Guild cap.


  • DaragothDaragoth Member Posts: 48

    I had my old cloth map in a picture frame for along time till my finally made me take it down because I was not playing UO anymore.  I still have it somewhere, I saw it in a box when I PCSed from MO to AK recently.


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  • MacroPlanetMacroPlanet Member UncommonPosts: 1,088

    I never had the cloth map, but I did have the paper one that came with The Second Age.


    Man, it's crazy to think.  Remembering the first day we played.  All the things we have been through in UO.  Just think, that game was really the only thing out there at the time.  We had so many things to look forward to, the guilds and their battles.  Now it's all just history to us that we look back at.  I wish I would have taken more care of my UO paper map and could frame it.  I know I made a mark to where all of my houses ever were placed in Britannia on my map.  UO still has many features that most games today feel like kicking out just to help the player get involved.  In UO, you really can explore.  Hell, I still explore in that game til' today, there are still things I have not seen or things that are new to me...and I've played it for 10 years.

  • y2mattitudey2mattitude Member Posts: 32

    Still have mine, actually.


    And my original box, and CDs. Man, I just hope that a game can eventually draw me in again like UO did. Even if it's not by the same means, I just want that feeling of being a part of a real functioning community again. UO was so dynamic, so many player created and ran things... And it worked, too. Well for a time.


    If I had a 100% guarantee that it would be made correctly, I'd play a UO2 (may we mourn the casualties of the past) before anything else.

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  • s0fakings0faking Member Posts: 28

     I didn't have the cloth map, but I did have the paper one.  I remember have the prima's guide that was totally wrong, but I still read it non-stop in school.  I read it so much that I actually got a friend to play UO.  

  • TuxedoSLYTuxedoSLY Ultima Online CorrespondentMember UncommonPosts: 93

    I still have my cloth map, and the strategy guide I got with the game. A little history on it-


    I was like 15 and my mom's friend from work, a long time RPG fan, got UO and was telling me how great it was. I begged and pleaded for my mom to get it for me, and she called the local GameStop (Babbages at the time) and had them hold me one. We went there, they talked us into getting the strat guide to (unofficial I think), and I read it the entire way home. And I read every page every night until I knew it forwards and backwards. The first time i logged in, it was like being in another world, a truly living, breathing, ever changing world.


    You name one MMO that can make you feel like you're in a real world, not a game.

  • spankybusspankybus Member UncommonPosts: 1,367

    I still have the Original Ultima IV in teh Box for the Atari 800XL, cloth map, metal ahnk and all. So glad i saved that game! Pretty sure I have teh cloth map for UO somewhere too, though i didn't save teh rest of the shipped items.

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  • digitydarkmandigitydarkman Member Posts: 2,194

    Still have mine as well, along with all the boxes original booklets and cases. Any other PC game, no but UO i couldnt throw out.

  • StellosStellos Member UncommonPosts: 1,491

    Yeah I still have mine too.  It was a really nice piece, better than the stuff you see sent in the pre-order editions in other MMOs these days.  Although I wouldn't recommend using the map to help you navigate Britannia lol.

  • DivbelDivbel Member UncommonPosts: 22

    I still have mine as well!  And those pins too.  Maybe even two of them.    I cant' believe how much stuff I keep.. LOL


    I loved that game!

  • PsilocybernautPsilocybernaut Member Posts: 1
    Anyone still have one of these maps and wants to sell it?
  • killahhkillahh Member UncommonPosts: 445

    i still have my origional UO cloth map, box, and what was laughingly called the manual :)

    i still have my first eve online box as well,  the STW box, EQ box and DAOC box.

    interestingly enough, thats all the boxes i got lol, nothing since, including wow has given me enough origional memories to hold on to the media.


    over 20 years of mmorpg's and counting...

  • LoktofeitLoktofeit Member RarePosts: 14,247

    Richard Garriott was big on things like this in his games. Somewhere I have my U4 lead Ankh (yes, LEAD) and my Auto Duel tool set, too. I miss stuff like this but now the only way you're going to get it is in a $160 Super Mega Exclusive Preorder Collector's Edition Box Set.

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  • TheLizardbonesTheLizardbones Member CommonPosts: 10,910

    I remember this, but I'm not sure I've saved it anywhere. If I did, it's in a box that I haven't seen for years and years.

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  • Mine is hanging on my wall although I haven't played in a long time. (has the UO pin on it too).
  • xAPOCxxAPOCx Member UncommonPosts: 869

    Swag use to be the best back in the day. I still got my Ghaleon Boxing Puppet from my preorder for Lunar Eternal Blue Complete. Inside the box had a map a hard cover guide a necklacs some push up standies. Now if you want swag like this it will cost you $1000 founders bundle fee that gets you into beta or some shit.



  • MrMelGibsonMrMelGibson Member EpicPosts: 3,029
    Originally posted by xAPOCx

    Swag use to be the best back in the day. I still got my Ghaleon Boxing Puppet from my preorder for Lunar Eternal Blue Complete. Inside the box had a map a hard cover guide a necklacs some push up standies. Now if you want swag like this it will cost you $1000 founders bundle fee that gets you into beta or some shit.


    Sometimes you get even way less for that $1000 now a days.  Just look at PoE (nothing against the  game, but the founder packs were not worth the $).


    Also, I had this same collector's edition.  Unfortunately, I was a freshman in high school and got rid of it at some point.  Wish I would of kept it like yourself.

  • ArctosNoctuaArctosNoctua Member Posts: 2
    Hey, anyone looking to sell their original cloth map of Britannia? Would be my hero.
  • Zim3000xZim3000x Member CommonPosts: 1
    edited November 2015
    Hey, anyone looking to sell their original cloth map of Britannia? Would be my hero.
    Depends on wich one you mean.
    I have the pin & cloth map from when I started playing in -99.
    It's the renesance european edition.

    It's been framed all these years so It's in perfect condition and the pin has been boxed all these years so it is also in mint condition.

    Contact me on kortpost at gmail.
  • snicolsnicol Member UncommonPosts: 55
    Just got nostalgic thinking abou the opening treasure chest on the original opening sequence...check it out on youtube
  • OhaanOhaan Member UncommonPosts: 568
    Still have them. Been meaning to get them framed...
  • Solar_ProphetSolar_Prophet Member EpicPosts: 1,956
    edited December 2015
    Still have the cloth map from Ultima 7. Somewhere around here I have the Blackthorne statue from one of the UO expansions, still in the box. I also have 2 unopened Diablo 2 CE's and my Baldur's Gate 2 CE w/ the AD&D module and gold CDs (open, but in very good to excellent shape). With rare exceptions, they just don't make CE's like they used to. The last good one I bought was Bioshock Infinite, the Songbird statue is staring at me right now. A shame the game was such a disappointment, but the statue is awesome. 

     Warning! Off topic rant engaged!: Play wise it was fun, but the story tried way too hard to be deep and just wound up sounding unbelievably pretentious, predictable, and (to some people) offensive, all while still managing to make almost no sense. Burial at Sea just made it worse. All that combined with Ken Levine's treatment of the people who helped him get the name recognition he now enjoys (You all did well, worked hard, made me rich and famous, but fuck you here's a pink slip) means I won't be buying any more of his crap ever again, no matter how awesome the CE is. /Off topic rant disengaged

     I suppose the lack of physical swag is to be expected with digital distribution becoming the primary method of product delivery. I do think it's a positive change overall, but I really do miss game boxes sometimes. Especially the full sized ones.

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