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my review on why you Shouldn't DL this game(take it or leave it)

joojoo1975joojoo1975 Member UncommonPosts: 275

the game itself was a nice game, liked the idea of the way you train up most of your skills(it's a point system you aquire from killin mobs) the game had average items and such from the  time i played. 

but here are the cons

Very few players(on average i saw bout 12 or so players online with sometimes it going up to 20ish to other times 3 or 4)

website and forums are laggy and buggy

there's the forums website, it worked 1 in 5 for me. i had to DL this game 3 times(third time was a charm) but that could had been on my connection(though i have cable, but you can never know)

not really newb friendly(i'll explain some more below) with the fact that some of the skills in the game weren't fully working and the fact the website and forums was too buggy from time to time to see if there was an actual post about it.  as well as the download was an older version and you had to search to find the patch(unfourtantly i didn't get it because of buggy website)

The UI was kinda basic, and wasn't user friendly.  certain items stacked, but that was found out only by trial and error.  there's a reputation system in the game, but i don't know if it's implemited, and the PvP is optional, again from what i was read on the site when it worked.

and finally lack of community/friendly support in the game(this was my biggest gripe).

now we all have seen peeps who come in and never read anything, and start talkin or doing something Horribly wrong.  most times we ignore these folks or some of us may kindly redirect them to the propper way of doing/saying it.  not here. while i played the game, all i ever say was people calling others stupid nOObs, or most times they telling the peeps, congratz, your on ignore. now i can understand if someone came on saying they had personal relations with your next of kin or what Rather Graffically.  but what i saw that Peturbed me the most, was people askin for help in the wrong channel and gettin raked over the coals or people helping said people and They get raked over the coals for helpin them.  or peeps "chattin" in the wrong channel, and other peeps try to kindly redirect them to chat in another channel, only to have "sages" to come on and lock up certain channels and then yell at said players for being in the wrong channel(not being respectful or neutral in the situation)  in a game that is fallin off the map because of no players, you would think that they would try to encourage comradery.


But then again i could be biased on my review.  I was banned for 1 day for saying "WTF",  meaning What the Fregk, but i guess where these gm and admins are that means something else) i didn't get a warning, my account was suspended for a day.  I tried to explain this on IRC, but i was told that i should had read the ToS and the Manual(the Tos is at the installiation, and the manual is on the website)

there ya go folks, hope you like. the game has 3 servers, but like i said.  i would suggest you look elsewere, unless you like playing on your own

 (edited for a glaring Typo, that made absolutly no sense) :)

To Protect The Helpless From The Heartless


  • BezserkBezserk Member Posts: 4

    Not sure where you were at in the game but the Phoenix server is quite friendly, I would understand if you were on the pvp server that is 18+.

  • ViolettezViolettez Member Posts: 18

    banned for saying WTF

    hah... wow that's reason enough for me e.e

    do me a favor!
    please click
    there. (: <3
  • NecronomiumNecronomium Member Posts: 1

    Well, I´d say you were just unlucky. At the peak times phoenix has about 50ish players and older players DO help newbs, if you ask them at the right time about it for example while theyre killing a shadowlisk is rather bad time to give help in the game. I for example always give away mage clothing when I can return from a run alive with them. There´s no world chat made for idle chatter so the game seems rather dead if you wander around alone but I assure you that the people aren´t silent if you can get into a good group. Some newbs aren´t totally familiar with these concepts so trying to get help from lvl 20- players probably will get you nowhere and also acting sane will help a lot, yesterday I got greeted by a newb with sentences like "LOL! u must play a lot?" after 2 seconds he just ran off.

  • sirrriussirrrius Member Posts: 8

    I also get a virus warning when I try connection to the main website! You may be having problems because of this ?

  • TillerTiller Member RarePosts: 6,405

    lol I don't know what you folks expect, it's a free game for crying outloud

  • OrthavoniaOrthavonia Member Posts: 2

    Thank you Mavis for showing me this site.  I really appreciate the EXTREMELY HARD WORK the staff does and since they receive no pay and do it on a volunteer basis more than by itself says how great this game is.  A great community and I am happy to be apart of it.

  • Hammertime1Hammertime1 Member Posts: 619

    I found the community pretty helpful, but I'm polite in my conversations so maybe that was just returned to me.


    As far as a ban for saying "WTF"...would you use that phrase while in a group of strangers or kids? I wouldn't.


  • AccountDeleted12341AccountDeleted12341 Member Posts: 351
    Originally posted by Deleted User
    I found the community pretty helpful, but I'm polite in my conversations so maybe that was just returned to me.   As far as a ban for saying "WTF"...would you use that phrase while in a group of strangers or kids? I wouldn't.

    lmao what a tool

    dev much? this kid probably poorly coded Rubies of Eventide LOL!

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