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Anything close to Hide for CoH ?

tehclamtehclam Member Posts: 11

I thoroughly enjoyed playing a Stalker to 50 - I could fight when I wanted to or burn through newspapers in Hide if I wasn't in the mood. Is there any AT in CoH that can be configured to play similar to a Stalker ?

I never teamed w/my Stalker - never needed to (except on Monsters and holiday badges). I started a Scrapper and am having semi-fun with him, but I sure do miss my Hide abilities....

Thanks all...


  • mrguy123mrguy123 Member Posts: 69

    You could use dark armor and get the stealth power that comes with it. Stack that with superspeed and you should have invis. I'm not entirely sure though.

  • WikkedbowtieWikkedbowtie Member Posts: 494

    I do the stealth thing with my energy/devices blaster. I have cloaking device from my secondary and added a run speed IO with stealth to sprint. I can pass unssen by just about anything but Rikti drones.

  • DasSpyDasSpy Member UncommonPosts: 9

    You could try an illision/anything troller they get sup. Invs.   I have an Ill/kin that is good and ppl love  Ill/rad (which is said can be used to solo Lusca in IP.


  • Sanctus_MorsSanctus_Mors Member Posts: 597

    Heck, just take the invis from conceal power pool. Any class on hero or villain can use it.

    your arguement is so persuasive, so filled with knowledge and insight. You back up your argument very articulately, with suggestions of improvements and raising examples to glorify your position....oh wait, you didn't

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