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Returning player.

lilreap2k3lilreap2k3 Member UncommonPosts: 353

I am thinking about coming back to L2. It has been a few years, and when I last played I didn't level up very far before leaving for another game. I just have a few questions before I resub.

Are there any expansions that I must purchase to be current? Or are all the content upgrades still free downloads?

Is there a fansite or similar that has class guides that will help me choose what to play?

Thanks guys.

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  • ninjaladyninjalady Member Posts: 64

    All of the expansions are free downloads.

  • lilreap2k3lilreap2k3 Member UncommonPosts: 353

    I've also heard that there is still a fair amount of people playing. Anyone have any guesses at the number of active players? Are there still lots of people that seige?

    I'm thinking about just starting over completely from scratch. Anyone have a spare trial key that I could get from them please? If so, my email is [email protected]

    Thanks and hope to see some of you ingame soon.

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  • scabzyscabzy Member UncommonPosts: 94

    if you are going back no need for trial key, since u are limited, no trade no shop and other stuff, just resub and start playing, is good enough to get u started there is alot of guides, in the library, about population, yea l2 still very populated, if you are euro, there is 3 servers, teon (highest population) followed by franz, and luna

    advice, when you start the game follow the newbie guide in starter towns, he will give you series of quests that will help you in lvls, you can get lv20 in less than 1h, so you can move to dion to meet more ppl.


  • tvalentinetvalentine Member Posts: 4,216

    i sent you a invite-a-friend back trial. You can use it if you remember your old account info. That is the only trials i have left to use atm.


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