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Review: Angels Online

lildarkklildarkk Member Posts: 31

Ok, I am reading alot about , blah angels online sucks, I have 'seen it' but have not played but it looks dumb.

You should actually try to play it first. ANYWAYS TO MY REVIEW!

Angels Online

Angels online is another one of IGG's many online games. They have at least 9+, wow. Angels Online has many different and unique features that not many mmorpgs have. AO is a game where you have to click to move and fight.

Angel Baby

The Angel Baby is a botting system that helps you collect materials, afk train while using potions and skills, or plainly just farming gold or items. The Angel Baby was a recent feature that many people disagreed on, ever since this 'Angel Baby' came it made the AO community less lively...


The graphic's are not the worst but not the best either, to describe it I would say cartoon, anime and maybe just what an F2P would have ^_^. But maybe the graphics dont change your gaming in an online game?

The Changing Skill System!

Well this is one of AO's best features! This system allows you to choose a class and change its skills, for example ; a warrior learns to heal, a mage uses an axe, an archer wears a warriors gear. But skill change comes with the cost of removing one of your own skills. In the end this system is very useful and can be used quite effectivley.


You can choose your when you create your character and start the tutorial. The different classes are

- Warrior, dual wields two axes.

- Swordsman, dual wields two swords

-Protector, a shield and axe

-Mages, choices of spells are wraith(kind of like evil magic you can summon skeletons), earth,healing, and chaos.

- Crafts- Weapon,armor, chef

The Robots!

In AO there are various robots which you can buy and take control of, they can be used for battle or used for collecting items. But however you use them they always make your job easier!

Crafting System

The crafting system works very simply, in each town there are stations for making weapons, armor and food. In the world of AO are materials that can be collected and turned into equipment.


Mounts are like pets that you can ride on. The first mount in AO you can get is at lvl 20. Mounts boost your speed aslong as some stats aswell!


Pets in AO are very helpful , they can help you fight, heal or buff you. But they come at a cost, they first are bought or found as an egg and must be fed till it hatches. Once it hatches if you want to evolve your pet you must obtain a pet certificate. Pets cost alot but are worth the trouble!

That is my review on Angels Online! Its not a bad game in my opinion you should just try it ^_^


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