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Another review..

AciddragonAciddragon Member Posts: 14

I will try and incorporate anything and everything that that I can think of about this game.


Graphics: are O.K. for a cartoon looking game it can rival Kingdom Hearts imo. Only things that really need work is there load screens of "New" Items they look like the screens were made back in 1985.


 "Clans" or guilds: Is just another thing "goodie" they added to this game. Its fun to join one so their is people to chat with and game with other wise they are not needed to actually do instances or somthing like that. There will eventually be updates to this though since the clan "Title" hasn't been added yet or change of boss.


For the Soloer: Its possible to solo the first map or "Area" called Alpen. Thats pretty easy you can even get and solo the 2nd map called Rein River. You can actually solo up to about lvl 16 or 17 without even talking or interacting with anyone else. From there if you want to do quests the only quests available is for the first instance in the game called "Castle of Chess" its impossible to solo this instance even though that is an option. Instead its almost required you go in with atleast a 4 person party depending on the lvls. After that you can go back to soloing untill about lvl 26 or so. Then comes another instance and you get the idea. You can basically solo the game except for instances and "Elite maps". But the option to solo them is available if you so please to solo them (just plan for the instances to be a good 10+ lvls higher then what is required to even go in to do. And for the elite maps unless your a tank and/or a healer you can pretty much kiss soloing them goodbye unless your a good 20+ lvls higher then required and even then its a pain in the a$$).


Classes: This game lacks in classes imo. Theres only 3 distinct classes and thats Archer, Warrior, and Mage. For each of those classes theres 3 sub classes.

Archer has Bowman, Crossbowman, and Ballista.

Warrior has One Handed Swordman, Two Handed Swordman, Spearman.

Mage has Earth (or Protector/Buffer), Light/Climate (Healer), Fire (Damage Dealing Mage).

Other wise from that theres no other classes and each sub class has there specific wep they can use.


Updates: They are always adding in content, almost every update comes with its fair share of ITEM MALL items bought with "Campus Cass" or CC that you need to pay money to get. But along with those CC items, normally comes one new thing to the game. The past 3 updates have seen Halloween events, Upgrade system, and a Crafting system added in along with the CC items. What F2P game though doesn't add in its share of Item Mall items its how they make cash! Plus they add in new stuff about every 3 weeks (sometimes less)


Performance: Game runs very smooth for everyone I know that plays the game. It runs good on my 1 year old comp that has a 8800 GTS video card in it, it also runs very well on a 6600 series card. For a game that just came out it is very friendly to older computers. Only requirement is having BROADBAND. I dont see how Dialup users can play this game or any other game for that matter online.


Community: The community here is VERY nice. Everyone is willing to help out other people. There is very few to no real A-****$. In the game and the Spamming of ASDA gold and what-not which used to be  huge problem is non-exsistent. I have yet to log in since they implemented some new chat filter in place and seen a spam bot in! Its litterally been over 2 weeks now and NOT ONE SPAM BOT. Hell I have yet to even see ONE BOT at all in game since they redid the chat.


Noobness: This game is very noob friendly, with auto run to destination, with the first 10 lvls giving you quest help (basically it tells you the exact X,Y cords on the map to where you can find the specific monster you have to kill or item to pick up, although you lose this after lvl 10). Also has a lvl 5 first job helper guide where it tells you about the classes and helps you get started on "Earning" the right to be in that class.


Titles and Soulmate: The 2 big "Features" of this game. Titles is basically a ranking system, you do specific things in game, dancing for 50 hours non-stop, digging for 6000 successful digs, whisper with other people 6000 times, check other peoples armor/weps 6000 times etc,etc,etc, for "Points" which then is calculated against how many points other people have to give you a ranking and you get some spiffy "subnames". The Soulmate feature is just O.K.. Nothing really to it. Basically it gives you the ability to get some Soulmate spells and gives you the ability to do 3 extra actions (juggling, handstand, and propose). For this you get half the EXP you would if you were solo, the other half gets put towards an "Apple" this EXP APPLE then grows and grows with EXP untill its ready to be eatten at that point either you or your soulmate can eat to get the EXP while the other person is left with nothing but HALF the exp they shoulda gotten. There should be more soulmate options in the future that would make this more intreging but untill then this soulmate feature is a big FAILURE imo.

Content: This is where the game lacks imo. With only 3 "Elite Maps", 2 continents with the first continent having 5 "Areas" to play in, and the 2nd continent having only 1 area to play in you basically fly through all the areas pretty fast leaving you with no where to grind after words. Up to lvl 32 theres plenty of quests. After that its basiclly grinding Forgotten canyon to lvl 36 (its the 1st elite map) Then Night valley after that to about lvl 43 (the 2nd elite map) then Mt.Flammio untill HEY YOU REACHED LVL CAP AT LVL 60! (Yeah sounds boring basically doing the game grind in all 3 maps over and over again WITHOUT EVEN 1 QUEST TO DO besides your 3rd job quest). Flammio which in the only area you can go into int he 2nd continent called Inferno you never even have to kill a monster there unless your curious about them since theres no quests for the area and you gain horrible EXP compaired to NV untill you reach lvl 43 then its all Mt.Flammio (skipping over Flammio) if you even wanna lvl again.

The lvl cap is at 60 right now with I think the highest lvl person at lvl 56.

The only things to do after 32 is basically grind/dig/get titles/find rare/hero armor/craft

Also lets not forget that it will only take you a good 10-15 hours to even get to lvl 30+ so the lack of content is noticeable within your first week of playing the game.


Overall rating: 7/10 If they would add in more stuff for the higher lvls and add in SOMTHING to do after lvl 32 that you couldn't do before lvl 32 then this would of gotten a higher rating. But as it stands once you get your first char to about lvl 41 or so and you have played in every map and really get bored with nothing left to do but grind all day and night you quickly lose interest and go looking for another game to play.


EDIT: GM just confired that there will be a MAJOR content update for the higher lvls after that I might change my overall rating but untill then its its a borefest for anyone higher then lvl 32



  • TrucidationTrucidation Member Posts: 86

    Not bad.

    I want to point out some important details you missed. Like when you level up, you don't get stats to distribute -- it's done automatically. Also, no pvp. IMO this is one of the two major factors in keeping people away, which is why you say you don't see many assholes in the game.

    Also, as you point out, after the level 30s, there's really nothing much to do except grind the few remaining maps endlessly. There's basically no end-game content. This is the other major factor why there aren't too many people who stick around.

    The dungeon instances also taper off after the 30s, which results in high level players constantly camping the few remaining good spots. Game needs more high maps and high instances, otherwise we get what we have here: people complaining that the final maps are crowded.

    Events are nice, but events are not content. If you read the official forums, the "developers' timetable" promised crafting and pvp since, what, September? Now it's already almost 2009, and we still don't have either of those. I wouldn't hold my breath, or at least, I wouldn't be in a rush to level just yet.

    Finally, items have an "ownership" flag. Once you've equipped something, you can't sell it to someone else / they will be unable to equip it. So if you find something you think you want to sell, or give to a friend, then don't equip it. This is another important detail which should be mentioned in reviews. Basically it means no hand-me-downs. Each character will have to find/buy their own items.

    Oh yeah, and there's no mail function (yet). So you'll have to trade your new chars the money you want to pass them. Which means using more than 1 computer, or having a trusted friend do it for you.

    " In Defeat, Malice; In Victory, Revenge! "

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