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Cyan releasing open source

With the news out  that Cyan are now releasing all the open source code to the fan's ,   This now mean's that Cyan are finally dumping what was a very big mill stone from around there neck's

first Ubisoft dumped the lame duck.  then GameTap give it a go Dumped again.  Now after year's of pressure from the fan's Cyan have finally broke .

now let's wait and see how long the fan's can keep this for.   even now before the fan's have got the code they are beginning to fight amonst them self's.

there are rumour's that a film  is in the making  this might have a small impact on number's returning

for the fan's to keep this game true to it's core principle's (non violent)  will take some very strong policing.  then the argument will be which guild will police all the new content.  eg:- (why xxxxx guild  because yyyyyy guild is much better)  so it begin's  will cyan still be in overall control  i guess so  for the interim period.

having watched  and read with interest the forums for this game even back in the day's when Ubisoft still had an interest in the game there was cry's from some fan's that  the    xxxxx xx xxxxxxxx  were elitist  this even carried over to the GameTap  day's   this will not change  only the names of the guild will change.

will this idea succeed  (third time lucky)  . i doupt it

but one thing it will do is bring a major change in how other online game's will be played in the future

Could this be Cyan's Swan song . 


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