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WOW  Thank you so much to MMORPG and Dreamlords, as i'm one of the lucky winners in the contest  thank you again.



It's My Way Or The Highway...


  • NRGrushNRGrush Member Posts: 5

    grats to you! i also won and i dont even play the game xD, but since i won i gave it a try and im finding it pretty cool. btw did you get your prize yet? on the confirmation page were u supposed to put your aeria games info there or this site's?

  • ZeroBoogieZeroBoogie Member Posts: 17

    Well actually no, i dont play the game either, and since i'm to busy working right now, i'll give it a try after the holidays, i'll have more time for me to play and get my prize, i'll make sure to get it by this monday, in case it disapear before i can play the game, then i'll let you know how it went.

    It's My Way Or The Highway...

  • CursedseiCursedsei Member Posts: 1,012

    I won too, and I'm curious as well as to where my prize is, and how do i redeem it if needed? I was told I'd get an email or something, but since then I've recieved nothing.

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