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deicide going's on

well, all those who have tried the game and have played long (like me, two years)  what is more, it does need to be a long time, just with a few months should know that security systems of the gamme really suck!.


for those who havent tried, i am gonna make a digest so u get the info u should need:


A few months ago there was a Guild in Miras server called Medieval Kings, this guild was ruled by  a character called Cignare, recognized because of hi amazing hacks on weaponry and armours making weapons as high as +18 (when from +5 it starts to be a by-chance operation) and making armours up to +16 (when the chance-taking operation starts at +3). MK guild was also recognized by their speed hackers, which use acceleration programs to break the relation between area codes and graphic codes so they virtually were unreachable.


one of the most recognized MK hackers had by in-game name Khaula, this was the one who abused the most of acceleration programs getting Banned many accounts of his partners, also, he was the "item manyfacturer" by means of dupplication of items making a single sword, ten of them, all able to be enchanted and also reproduced.

this hacker went deeper into hacking to the point of getting into the game's base code and created some outrageous weapons like unenchanted best lvl 100 bow (white hunter's bow) with an extra attack of 10 000 points aprox, killing a game moderator (with over 40 k HP) in a single hit. even thought this acction got him permanently banned, he didnt stop there, and now it is said that he sneaked into the servers and took over the acces to server files of character, gaining acces to all accounts including Game Moderators accounts.


He, in this position, took control of many of his foes accounts and started deleting or stealing thei hardly owned items, deleting or altering theyr characters. he destroyed all the old players who were against him and his mates in MK.


His intrussion in server gave him the control even of the main page of the game, gave him access to Ask a GM section and made the game certainly a hacker ruled game..


now talking about MK's leader, cignare, this person was said to be owner of a GM account which he bought from the player who owned it, so his cheats and the one's of his friends were unpunishable, actions which were taken against them were carried out only because GM's couldnt stand quiet amongst people's complaints.


This same Cignare was also wel known for threatening trough e mail and phone  his guildies, the most recognized case was a character called Fatty who was almost expelled from his house due to the unceasing telephone harrasment from this Cignare... there are many people harrased by him in a list...


well, as a conclution, Ubiport must take actions over this hacker overide on the server, not only because of their money loss on this game but also because people related to their companny is suffering treatments which are un bearable for such a companny.


I authorise the reporduction of this message and ask any of his readers to publish it in as many forums they can publish it, I certainly want this message to get to be read by any one who can get ubiport to take any action on this, at least to verify i am wrong.


december 13 2008. LA, California

pateiently I await for you my beloved death...



  • FaituFaitu Member Posts: 90

    Thank you for saving me of wasting my time downloading this game.

  • TremariaTremaria Member Posts: 6

    Everything SATARIEL has written is the absolute truth.

    GM has made Cignare a mod and he uses those powers to delete, edit, and lock all kinds of forum posts, he gets IP addresses and sends obscence pictures or inapporiate material, not to mention the harassing phone calls. IF you complain to GM they do nothing to Cignare but you get accounts and chars deleted my last char was 129 its gone with all the hard work I put in.

    Cignare also hacks and scams GM out of high + weapons how you ask. Well he makes payments to Paypal then claims his or his friends accounts were hacked only instead of claiming the weapons/armor he supposr to have lost he adds 2 to 3 levels higher + then what he lost.......if GM doesn't give him the weapons/armors he then contacts Paypal and claims that he never authorized the payments to Deicide,......Paypal demands the payment back.....GM doesn't want to lose the money so they give him the weapons/armors.......Cignare then calls Paypal and sez he made a mistake. High plus weapons/armors without any work. 

    Khaula used to be in MK guild he hacked for Cignare even speed hacked some of the bosses.But now he has become an enemy of Cignare and is banned constantly on the word of Cignare and another mod Edgefactor. If you disagree or argue with Cignare or Edgefactor......they report to GM and GM bans your account or accounts.

    I can prove the sending of the obscene e-mails and a record of phone calls.  Ubiport doesn't care about its players just the money they collect in ....otherwise the concerns of all their players would matter......not just Cignares or Edgefactor complaints. there is much much more I could write about ..........for now I willl conclude my post.

    Here I don't have to worry about my accounts being deleted or the same time I hope many many players will think twice before even playing this game. Not to mention this game has a bad virus that GM hasn't even bothered to try and fix.

    I also give my permission for this post to be published in as many forums as it can be published in as a warning to all players. I want players to realize although this game sounds good it has many many problems. Don't put your hard work and time into a game that you will lose your accounts.......or a GM that won't support you.


  • Sacre11Sacre11 Member Posts: 20

    I liked the game in the beginning, and there were a lot of players in Miras server and even more in Vail server, though i tired, and stopped playing. Now, there are like nobody out there, so when did these ppl hack all that? havent heard of it before, but i feel i dont need playing it now. Thanks for writing it, i dont know if it's true (which i think it is anyway, heard the guild before), but i check it and if it is, i try to info others, also the creators i can check if i can inform them.Just  thanks.

  • BMDukBMDuk Member CommonPosts: 6

    good post SATARIEL,the game was fun in 2006 gone downhill since item and level loss,even my main char in vail moved into the test server no idea how,basically all my bad experiences in the mmorpg world are packed into this one game.

  • TremariaTremaria Member Posts: 6

    Hi Again Fellow Game Players:

    Well the battle of who owns either "Old Decide The War Against Evil" or  New Decide Online Total War" still rages on mostly in silence these days. But proof has come forth in the form of an incomplete, questionable registration.......New Deicide seriously has something to hide about their claim to owning all Deicide copyrights. 

    If you just have to play New Deicide be aware that prices for PZ passes or items, excuse me New Deicide call them "DONATIONS", are extremely high and the game is only licensed for one year 12/26/2008 to 12/26/2009. So again player beware!!!!

    For players who have played Old Deicide, had constant conflix with Cignare, New Deicide has a motto "New Game, New Beginnings All Old Problems Left Behind On Old Deicide".  Well fellow players I'm here to tell you that motto does not apply to Cignare himself. Nor does it apply to players who have had problems with Cignare.

    Heres the reason I say this.......Cignare makes it a habit of constantly coming back to Old Deicide making new accounts(all his account names have been deleted by Old Deicide).........badgering, harassing (and same old )accusing of players on forums. This last time under the account name of "kings5" he accused a forum writer Trublood of being several different players on Old being a player on New prove a point he posted an IP address, driving directions including a map for that forum writer......which turned out to be incorrect. Cignare was told wrong address wrong map........Cignare banned a different player he believed to be the Trublood on New Deicide.......he was wrong again.....this was an innocent player who hadn't broke any rules on New Deicide. To make matters worse Cignare.....accused a second player of Old Decide since 2007........of being this same forum writer Trublood......Cignare stated this (newly accused)player will never play New Deicide and that the player knows the reason why.....

    Players are asking WHY because they don't know WHY so One has to wonder what is Cignare's problem with players.Worth noting here Trublood joined Old Deicide forums January 2009 so one has to ask.........just where did the information come from....since....Cignare was ban from Old Deicide forums as a writer or a mod..........(remember I wrote in a previous post there were 2 mods that caused alot of the problems on Old Deicide this mod also confronted a player about their IP address.....that mod is still active on Old Deicide.....Hummmmmmmm makes one wonder )

    Here's the problem game players when you registar for a game to get a user name to give certain information that is suppose to remain and be protected by the game adminstrators........not for the private use of certain dishonest mods that these administrators appoint and allow to harass, threaten or in this case ban an innocent player on a completely different game. Whether it be a-knock-off from the orginal game or a completely new game a banning shouldn't be allowed unless they break the posted rules.What is said and done on one (completely) different game...........shouldn't result in a player being banned on a (completely) new different game.

    Also Game Administrators shouldn't allow mods to access information that can be used in a harmful manner like posting on a forum site........these mods who use this it was used in this post are vindictive and make game playing a very unhappy experience..........they have no business what so ever being mods to any game. Once they are stripped of their mod rights then steps should be taken to secure access from any information.......even from a forumer mod better yet why do they need  this information????(All facts stated above can be read on the Old Deicide forums under the post called "Servers" the IP address, driving directions and map were edited by the forum mods. But not before all the above information was left on the forums for 4 to 6 hours for anyone to see.)

    On the other hand all those that are mods, I've met some very good have my deepest admiration I know its tough being a mod.............this is only directed at the extremely bad ones who misuse their power.

    Again players I caution you to be aware of  these Deicide games there are much better and secured games out there to play, be smart watch the infomation you give them you don't want to suffer what some players are going through.



  • CignareCignare Member Posts: 3

    WOW, You guys can really put up a great bullS***T show!! I like the way you make me look so dangers. LOLOL...

    Is so sad when all you guys have is a bunch of BS stories about me and the real truth. Keep making your self ideas of how everything really happy. In the end Cignare was the greatest and only those who couldnt take me hated me with so much pasion.

    Maybe one day you learn the real deal and you will say to your self...damn I was wrong about Cignare! But I am sure that will not be the case.

    Anyways, Deicide Total war is the real deal and not only that we are ready to relize the new deicide 2 witch will finily will take down that old crap of deicide war against evil. Any how....I am a great and thats why I had so many fallowers. No matter how I did things I did everything by the rules even if you think I did not. I can care less of your opinion.... Now there is a new world of deicide like you never seen before. And what ever you think of me is not going to change that there is 1000's of players playing it and many more to come. You can sit here posting crap about me but in the end you just hating the fact that Cignare has rule with power and put to gather a great team that will follow me to the end in the world of MMO!! Do that and then you can talk about me, do not and you just a bunch of losers hating on some one that did something you witch you have done!!

    Hate me....My name is becoming so popular I am going to have to register Cignare on the world of MMO most wanted.. LOLOL LMFAO


    The Great Cignare

    Master Of Evil


  • TremariaTremaria Member Posts: 6

    You are so full of yourself Cignare you had to resort to writing pitful stories about yourself being the so called "Hero" of Deicide.

    As for the New Deicide you had innocent people's IP addresses ban before they even got to play on new game because you personally didn't like them. What was the statement  you stated over and over "This New Deicide Total War, new beginning for everyone reguardless what happened on Old Deicide".  However old grudges you had toward certain players weren't left behind like you stated.

    You misused your Mod position the position you had to beg GM's New DeIcide Total War to give you, lets not forget how you caused a Mod who started with New Deicide Total War to resign his position because you gave him so much bull-crap.......not on the forums like the rest of the players.......but in the private messages........cause you didn't want players to see the real you on the forums. 

    Or how about the nasty porno web-sites you sent to a young girl because she took a position against you in the forums on Old Deicide, had old GM ban her accounts and then with access to her IP address had them hacked. Oh ya you are a can't even call you a man cause a real man wouldn't do things like that to anyone. You are suppose to be married with children well I hope no-one ever does to your wife or children......what you feel you have a right to do to people in real life or on game.

    Ya you are so great tell me who was that went on Old Deicide forums.......screaming like a spoiled GM was going to pay for banning your accounts.......crying about the money you lost........threaten to have PAY-PAL close OLD DEICIDE down (its still being played).....then made countless new accounts and spammed the heck out of Old Deicide and you think you are normal?

    LOL Ya Cignare you are big man on New Deicide Total War and so full of bull crap a bulldozer wouldn't touch you with a tenfoot pole. When all is said and done your game is a copy of Old Deicide.....a stolen copy...that Old Deicide owns.

    So you brag all you want in the end people you have abused will win out, your followers will see you for what you really are a sad, self-centered little man with an inflated ego who can't tell differents between what's real or not real.

    As for your reply in this forum the bottom line is this...............reguardless of the outcome with Old Deicide vs New Deicide Total War its still just a game.

    Hate you Cignare.......NO..........I feel sorry for you because you are the loser not the players who wrote in this forum you just proved how right they really are about you.

    THANK-YOU for replying you did us all a great justice showing your true colors.











  • AirphelAirphel Member Posts: 51


    Talk sense to a fool and he calls you foolish.
    Euripides (484 BC - 406 BC)

  • SaiaxisSaiaxis Member UncommonPosts: 42

    Given that even here is still listing the old Deicide site as the official site, I would say the new one isnt really licenced. On that one: play at your own risk

    Boy am I glad I stepped away from this game....

  • CmdrVimesCmdrVimes Member CommonPosts: 19

    If what is stated here is true then we are talking about serious criminal offences, some of which carry prison sentences.  Don't be surprised if some of the players turn out to be law enforcement. XD


    I think I will stay well away from this one.

  • MorgarenMorgaren Member UncommonPosts: 396

    Wow, if this isn't soap opera quality drama i don't know what is.

  • PreponerancePreponerance Member Posts: 295

     WTH, Why'd you even Necro this garbage?

  • CmdrVimesCmdrVimes Member CommonPosts: 19
    Originally posted by Preponerance

     WTH, Why'd you even Necro this garbage?


    Hey you commented as well instead of keeping your trap shut and walking away. 

    I am looking for a new game and gave my opinion concerning one that caught my eye.   The thread contains info concerning the history of a game that still exists and its community.  If the posts are true then this game should be given a wide berth.

    Why did you post?  Or do you like wandering around forums posting contentless tripe?

  • KursoKurso Member Posts: 4

    LOL this was my second MMO after runescape. I played it for so long and have no idea why. It's hilarious to come and read all of this because it's generally the truth.

    No joke, a hacker at one point hijacked the game servers and forum, and began posting new orders as like "Mr. Smiley" or something. Oh man.. this game was hilarious.

    2 raid bosses, spawning at different times, (until the released that new map with blooddemon) and SO MUCH DRAMA over the drops.


    RIP Deicide.


    Vail Server

    Currently playing: Age of Conan, EvE. (Bored to death)

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