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Can anyone give an insight into the Crafting/Professions in DF?

Zayne3145Zayne3145 Member Posts: 1,448

I'm excited about Darkfall. Not because of the PvP, but because of the freedom that it allows the players. One thing I'm really stoked about and am hoping for is that the game will feature some really good crafting and professions. I have to be honest and say I haven't really heard much about this particular area and much of what I'm hoping for probably won't feature. Does anyone know how or if this area of gameplay will be addressed?



  • spinach8puffspinach8puff Member CommonPosts: 864

    Here's a website that might shed some light on crafting: Darkfall Crafters

  • xzyaxxzyax Member Posts: 2,459
    Originally posted by spinach8puff

    Here's a website that might shed some light on crafting: Darkfall Crafters


    Thought this was some good information from that link above:

    Fan Question: How many crafting skills are intended for release? (rough estimate? more than 10, less? more than 20?)

    Tasos Flambouras: More than twenty.

    Fan Question: Can a single character max out/top end multiple fields in crafting. IE My dwarf is an armor smith, weapon smith and enchanter maxed.

    Tasos Flambouras: You can max out multiple crafting skills assuming you're using them a lot, but it will take a long time to achieve.

    Fan Question: Can items be recycled (turned into gold or resources)?

    Tasos Flambouras: They can be recycled by selling to a vendor or another player, by crafters modifying them, and there was a salvage skill which is not active at the moment for economy balancing reasons. We may or may not reintroduce it. (thought that was important to highlight... as it might not make it to release).


  • Zayne3145Zayne3145 Member Posts: 1,448

    Yeah there's some nice info on that site, thanks.

    I especially like the fact that you 'discover' recipes through crafting rather than actually learn them from a blueprint. Much like WoW tried with Alchemy (but ultimately failed).

    This should create some much needed diversity among crafters and allow people to become specialists in a particular area.


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