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Fell at first hurdle.

Myron41Myron41 Member Posts: 23

Not really a discussion point, more of a comment.


I thought I would give this game a go despite the negative comments.  Went to their website, clicked on the download link for IE........nothing happened.

Selected a mirror site.......downloaded the client.  YAY........


Ran said client on a Win XP pc......nothing.  I do mean nothing.


Put client on disk and tried it out on a PC running Vista........NOTHING, except an error message saying that the operation had failed.


Thinking clearly I went to the Kal online website to see if there were any topics concerning installation problems.

Guess what...... there were topics, except you had to register and log in to read them.   In fact for access to most of the site you need to register.

Errrrr why?

I can understand, like every other forum I have ever encountered, registering to post comments and topics, but read???  A first for me.

Is this game so bad that they will not let you read forum comments unless you sign up with them first.  WTF???  I understand that sometimes you can have problems getting software to work because of the way a rig is set up, but this is ridiculous.

In short DELETED.  I would have said uninstalled except it never got that far.

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