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Stability of Market economy

repapipsrepapips Member Posts: 450

I was reading the website and came across the "rates" feature in the market economy of the game. Does the rates button feature in the game stabilize the market economy or is it actually useless? i mean, if the rates only establishes the minimum going price rates of an item, it does not necessarily play a part in stabilizing market price except for the fact that it protects noobs from stupidly sellin their rare items at a lower price. whats your opinion?



  • impaktoimpakto Member Posts: 314

    i think the market exists for the advantage of the players.. a player can control the price of what they are selling depending on what they want.. if one player want to just get rid of the item and make quick money out if it, he sells it at a very low price, also a player can use the market for storage of important items, like me, i place items on the market at a very high price if i want it just stored there, and if someone buys it, it would be okay since its at a price ... hahaha i dont know if that's a good strategy, haha i think i did not answer the question hahah, just wanna give my opinion about the market haha

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