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Robot force attack confirmed! - 5 DEC 08, 2200 UTC

A new round of encrypted messages have been discovered by colonists on Planet Calypso.

These indicate that the robots will attack in force ths coming Friday. The messages also reveal that the robots will attempt to defeat the automated defense turrets surrounding major ciries on the planet.

On other forums, colonists are planning their defense of the planet against this new wave. These intercepted messages indicate that this upcoming attack will be like nothing seen on the planet for several years.

MindArk, officials emailed players today and stated that Colonists that distinguish themselves in the defense of Claypso will be awarded a set of  the rare "Protectr of the Empire" armor. 15 sets have been allocated for this event!  In addition to these prizes, avatar skill gains will be tripled between December 5 and December 21!

If you're a colonist on Calypso, grab your gun and  join us Friday!

Below you'll find a copy of the decrypted messages.






Target evaluation in progress

Drone upgrade process in progress

Strategic simulation in progress

Neutralization of automated defense system in progress

Weapons loadout complete

Mothership positioning complete

Prepararations at zero point three three percent

Request estimate of time to attack

Response time to attack five one hours

All units are synchronized



Alpha AG Geek
Founder- Manticore Society

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