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Major Robot Attack on Planet Calypso Imminent! Prepare for War!

It appears that a MAJOR attack on the colonists of planrt Calypso will occur within the coming week.

First, there was an emergency broadcast announcing that robot forces had managed to access the planetary teleporter system and were appeaing en masse in several cities, including Zychion Citadel and the capital city, Hadesheim.  The number of attackers was massive, with robots filling the field of view on these new battlefields. Attacks this large have not been for several years, when colonists defeated the forces directed by "Lord Teleton", a Warlock model robot that apparently achieved some kind of self-awareness.

Colonist grabbed their weapons and fought valiantly to defend their planet from these invaders. After a period of days, the robot forces fell back to an unknown location off planet.

However, today marks new developments. Colonists utilizing electronic forums report that large robot craft have appeared over major cities as well as the wilderness locations of Nate Valley and Wolverine Hope.

As these discoveries were made, the following information was broadcast.


CDF official broadcast

2 Dec 2008

This is an official Calypso Defense Forces broadcast. There is a heightened state of alert in Wolverine Hope and Nate Valley on Amethera, and Fort Ithaca, Fort Troy, Zychion and Hadesheim on Eudoria.

Please make sure you have supplies and survival gear stocked. Restrict outdoor movement as much as possible; try to remain indoors. Please cooperate with Imperial forces and follow their instructions.

Repeat: there is a heightened state of alert in Wolverine Hope, Nate Valley, Fort Ithaca, Fort Troy, Zychion and Hadesheim. An evacuation order might be issued for these areas. This automated broadcast will be repeated every two hours.

EBN: Negotiations a stall for time permalink


EBN: Negotiations a stall for time

02 Dec 2008

Calypsian authorities have entered negotiations with representatives from the robot forces.

Sources within CDF indicate that the negotiations are designed to stall for time in order for Earth to send reinforcements to Calypso. There has been no confirmation on this from CDF High Command.


As these discoveries were made, a message intercepted from an unknown source flashed across screens all over the planet:

"22 24 34 12 04 32 33 12 13 30 33 : 13 23 : 30 24 33 13 34 13 24 23"


With no Imperial leadership on-planet, amatuer cryptologists in the colonist population began working to crack this encoded message. The results were these three chilling words:



Colonists of Calypso, to arms!  Prepare to fight as never before!




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