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After reading through the wreck called the FWO official forums....

r0nin89r0nin89 Member Posts: 34

The game is down for modifications and update.... SIGH


Just incase your going nuts wondering why you cant connect like i was.

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  • SimzzSimzz Member Posts: 6

    They shut down the game to avoid having to pay royalties to the person who made the comic book the game was based on. A pissed off player sent an email to the comic book maker about this game still being up, so they were forced to shut it down or pay up.

    Now CiB trying to host another game called Secret Online but if they don't do something about the Game Master this new game will be corrupt just like FWO/PSO was before it was shutdown.

    The major problem with CiB games is they don't care what the Game Masters do, they only care about milking money out of you. The FWO/PSO GM does whatever he wants, gives his friends and his own personal character illegal items that no one else can get in the game, he will cuss you out on the official forums if you question what he does. The GM name on the forums is Dictator.

    (his favorite line is "don't like what i do go play tetris")


  • ZtyXZtyX Member UncommonPosts: 367

    Stupid comic book writer.. to hell with him.

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