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My review based on level 1 ~ 107. Multiple characters at lvl 70-100 as well.

Yet another grind fest game with the lack of quests. My review is based on my experience from level 1 ~ 107.

You need to capture dungeons at end-game and after you get your Guardian after all the hard work and whatnot, they will expire. To keep them alive, you'll need to pay $50 per month (unless they changed it but this is the cost from before I quit). There isn't much people who plays this game and I wouldn't be surprised if this game died already.

I spent a large amounts of cash into this game (Yeah I know I regret it), nearly $60 on a cash shop item called "Libra cards"  for upgrading weapons. No they will not raise your chance to succeed the upgrade, they will just retain it. Weapons and armors will BREAK and you will lose all your items if you upgrade without libra cards.  But $60 isn't all, I spend more on other cash shop items as well. Yes, you'll need to buy cash shop items unless you don't mind about being weak. Also, on top of buying those cash shop items, they can fail. There's certain % of failure, which is high since I failed nearly 23 times in a row using libra cards with the "super" upgrades.

Also, you'll want to farm for G5, which is the end game armors and weapons. They are extremely rare and there's a high chance to fail as well.

I haven't played this game in awhile, when I left several months ago, this game was nearly dead. Maybe 30 people active in the WHOLE server.


Well, good luck on whoever wants to start playing this.

 Edit: I was reading the description of corum which says

"Corum Online, developed by NetTimeSoft, is a Free to Play fantasy MMORPG that in the past has been one of the top-ranked games in the Japanese and Korean Markets. Corum Online has a flurry of quests and a very advanced guild and dungeon siege system. The PvP in the game is based on gaining and maintaining the possession of certain dungeons that are scattered throughout the world of Corum. Each of these types of "siege dungeons" provide the owner with either beneficial items or materials that can be used to create unique items. Corum Online also has thousands of items that a player can get in order to improve their characters skills, attributes, or their looks. Items can be attained in many different ways. They can be purchased off of NPCs, player created stalls, and also on an online Cash Shop where real money is used. Another unique feature is the fact that a player can learn the skills of a different class. For example, a Fighter can learn the same casting skills as a Sorceress. For these reasons, Corum Online will provide a unique gaming experience for players of all ages and experience. "

Do not do something stupid like what they mentioned. A fighter who uses sorc skill is UNIQUE, however, it'll make you gimped. Being unique does not make you useful. Once you apply your skill points in and mess up your build, you cannot redo it unless you pay $25 for a skill reset.




  • praymespraymes Member UncommonPosts: 27

    Dude, thanks for the review. I was going to try this game, but now not


    Face the truth

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