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A return to Warcraft

i ve loved coming back and playing a couple of old characters that i ve not seen for about a year . its fun luckily i was in a couple of great guilds so its nice to see the old crowd again .the truth is the lich king is really more of the same and in my view thats not a bad thing . the new battleground is pretty good although not on the scale of av . 

i think a lot of these games are about the interaction of the people you play with ,luckily for me i m in a couple of pretty easy going and for wow mature guilds . game wise its smooth it adds a few more months of game play to established characters and perhaps the insentive to play up a deathknight. i always like coming back to wow . i know its slammed by a lot of hard core mmo players but its fun .

the trick is once you get bored have a break and try another mmo . theres a lot of great online worlds to explore and once you get your head around they dont all have to be like warcraft you can have a lot of fun . a lot of hardcore wow players will tell you they are boring or broken games , sometimes this is true but mostly its an exageration .

lord of the rings is no more boring than wow for pve gameplay and the instances in warhammer are no less interesting that ab wsg or eots (also theres a lot more of them).  eve online offers some great gameplay too ( but if you like fantasy it might not be for you ) .

anyway love it or hate . i hope those of you in wow are having a great time and those in whatever online world your in in now are having an equally good time .



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