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LFGame, F2P centered around PvP

PwnedSidewayPwnedSideway Member Posts: 60

Yes, I know all about Runes of Magic, but I'm looking for something to play NOW, not in a month. I am extremely bored, WoW blows (still have time left until January) but it is terrible and I don't want to buy the expansion). So what are some good F2P PvP games that can keep me busy until Runes of Magic comes out?

Waiting for: Earthrise, SW:TOR


  • spinach8puffspinach8puff Member CommonPosts: 864

    Check out this post I made recently: Looking For Game

    If you don't like either of those pvp types post again being more specific.

  • galliard1981galliard1981 Member Posts: 256

    1. Shadowbane

    + no grind

    + player driven world (no npc quests, players own all cities etc)

    + great variety of races/classes. your character will be unique

    - poor graphics

    2. Shaiya

    + graphics nice

    - terrible grind (like in all aeriagames)

    Playing: Rohan
    Played (from best to worst): Shadowbane, Guild Wars, Shayia, Age of Conan, Warhammer, Runes of Magic, Rappelz, Archlord, Knight online, King of Kings, Kal online, Last chaos

  • GidSlackGidSlack Member Posts: 173

    I play Regnum Online and recommend it in f2p pvp threads IF you are cool with the following:

    1) Open 3 realm RvR pvp with no instancing (some possiblity of being ganked, but only in the "war zone").

    2) Must level up in PvE for the pvp.  Levels 1-30 go fast with quests, but after that it is grind (not really bad until 45+, cap is 50).  Can buy premium xp boosts though.

    3)  Can't really have an effect in open pvp until about level 30. 

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