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Fiesta Online: Patch Notes and Thanksgiving Event

SzarkSzark News ManagerMember Posts: 4,420

The people at Fiesta Online have posted the release notes from the game's latest patch which adds new PvP options, player divorce, a Thanksgiving event, and more.

The newest Fiesta patch is now available! Featuring a new PvP Kingdom Quest, exciting Thanksgiving content, and permanent versions of some of fan-favorite favorite premium items, the latest patch will download automatically the next time you play Fiesta.

PvP Kingdom Quest - The Warrior's Code

The rulers of Isya have come together and created the ultimate challenge to test the heroes of of the world and determine the land's most valiant champion - The Warriors Code!

- Wield the powerful new weapons and power-ups: The Invincible Toy Hammer and Freezing Ice.

- Participate in different level brackets and show off your skills:

-- Amateur Fighter - level 35-49

-- Brave Warrior - level 55-69

-- Valiant Warrior - level 75-89

- 15 players in 15 minutes of action.

- Win EXP and Set Items.

Thanksgiving in Isya

- New Quest: Roumen's Thanksgiving Feast.

- Visit Town Chief Roumenus in Roumen and help him collect 150 turkey legs and save Thanksgiving in Isya.

- Earn a 7-day version of the Thomas the Turkey mount.

Read more here.

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