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EVE Online: Second CSM Elected

SzarkSzark News ManagerMember Posts: 4,420

EVE players have elected the second Council of Stellar Management and CCP has posted a breakdown of the election's statistics and demographics, as well as a schedule of CSM meetings.

Demographics and Statistics

The format of the following information is identical to the analysis of the first election, to allow for an easy comparison - we will focus on the results from the second election here, while allowing for a seperate blog to compare the two later.

There were 20112 votes cast out of a pool of 233541 eligible voters, amassing a turnout of 8,61%. Of the total votes cast, 1149 voters (5,7%) chose to abstain.

The gender difference between voters closely follow the gender difference in the subscription base, with male voters being 97.1% and female voters being 2.9% of the total voting population compared to 95.4% versus 4.6% male - female ratio of the player base.

The average age of accounts voting is 1.94 years, meaning that most votes were cast by veteran players. 41.5% of the voting accounts are veterans of two years or more whilst those veterans constitute 29% of the eligible voters.

Read more here.

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