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Looking for a laptop

Jimmy_ScytheJimmy_Scythe Member CommonPosts: 3,586

So I've been inching out of AAA PC gaming for awhile and I don't feel like completely rebuilding my computer this year. I would also like to take my computer with me so that I work where ever I am and not have to juggle jumpdrives between multiple machines and formats. But! I still play games on my PC...

So I need a laptop that will run everything on Gametap. I'm thinking that if I get a machine that can run Warhammer Online at max settings I'll be fine. The catch is that I don't want to spend more than $800.

Any suggestions?


  • tool321tool321 Member Posts: 24

     I recently picked up the ASUS Notebook G50VT and its been a dream.

    4 gigs of RAM 

    Nvidia GeForce 9800m GS 512mb

    320gb hard drive space 

    Intel core 2 duo p8400 2.26ghz 2.27ghz

    it ran a little over $1100 but i can safely say i can run any game on max settings. it stays relativaly cool until you put a heavy load on it but i picked up a 30 dollar cooling pad and that alone helps. i havnt tried warhammer on it yet but im positive it can run it on max. 

    if your willing to shell out a little bit more cash this is the best "bang for the buck"

  • PezheadPezhead Member Posts: 149

    ASUS Notebook G50VT

    Dang man, that has got to be the best priced gaming laptop i have seen in... well... EVER!

    Its an "M GS" but still, it's a 9800 512.... what a bargain, for the same price you can get a laptop with a 9600m GS.  Now that $1100 price was only a promotional, and it's over now, but for $1300, by far the best bang for buck.

    It's almost 2010, and I am just not wiling to tolerate clunky graphics while being told that "gameplay is more important than graphics". That excuse won't wash with me any more. I expect my games to have both good graphics and good gameplay.
    -Quote Isoke(VN boards)

  • tool321tool321 Member Posts: 24

     yes it is a very good deal. id easily compare it to a mid to low end alienware but for literally, thousands less. alienware is a glorified XPS and all they are selling is the name and the cool looking shell

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