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LF English Speaking....

Deadwood602Deadwood602 Member Posts: 13

Hello all, I am playing this game that just released, called Tantra Global. It is a classic type MMOrpg

Free to Play, Very Fun, Good Graphix, Etc. I am trying to form an all english speaking guild (called

ashrams in game), But Many english speakers dont even know about the game. So our Ashram is

still growing. I have been playing MMo's for about 10 years now, I enjoy this one, its pretty fun.

I am looking for active, dedicated, English Speakers To Join. I can help you in game, etc.

I also have a public site for all english speaking players of Tantra Global the address is:


The Official Website Is:  www.tantra.gamenetworks.com

I welcome you all, My in Game name is: Obsidian

It is easy to catch me at the my website, YOu can chat live with me there usually




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