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Dragon Empires CANCELLED

Codemasters has today announced the cancellation of Dragon Empires.

For more info check -

Sorry folks.

Call me Legion, for we are many...

Call me Legion, for we are many...



  • Darkknight35Darkknight35 Member Posts: 126

    like i didnt see that coming.

  • efloweflow Member Posts: 2

    It's very sad :(

    i was looking forward to DE. Well, now i'll just have to wait for WoW ...

    Best Regards.
    Bo Sorensen / EFloW

    Best Regards.
    Bo Sorensen / EFloW

  • SerdanSerdan Member Posts: 10
    So sad. :( Amount of serious players on the MMORPG market decreasing. Only SOE's and Blizzard's projects are still worth to wait. image

  • herculeshercules Member UncommonPosts: 4,897

    Originally posted by Serdan
    So sad. :( Amount of serious players on the MMORPG market decreasing. Only SOE's and Blizzard's projects are still worth to wait. image

    The market is growing but the amount of mmorpg coming out are very many thus its diluted.

    Kind of like having a town of 50000 ppl with only 3 supermarkets.And then you have a town with 100k ppl but 20 supermarkets.

    You would see more ppl shopping in the smaller town supermarkets because of less choices.

    So it seems any mmorpg that is not very sure of itself will suffer badly or fall on the side.

  • JutsuJutsu Member Posts: 264
    I was shocked while playing the 7 day closed beta testing.. I never knew that dragon empires was going to hit rock bottom and cancel... I hope someone else takes up this wonderful project and returns the DE gaming community back into DE...



  • tricontricon Member Posts: 141

    Argggimageimage... was waiting for the game to be release... Guess have to wait for other games..image

    The Best thing about the future is that it comes only one day at a time.

  • DabruuzerDabruuzer Member UncommonPosts: 123

    Was very sorry to hear about this.  It looked like it was going to be a very interesting project.  It's a shame for us gamers (who like variety), but as a business model MMORPGs are a tough one - there are only so many players willing to pay to play, and too many titles competing for their dollars.

    The one who really lose are the people who put all of their time and effort into the development of these games, only to find out too late that the accountants are really running the show.

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  • colombdawgcolombdawg Member UncommonPosts: 57

    This is horrible...but this isn't really a surprise. Besides, most companies have an excuse and this one ws technical issues which means, lack of commitment.

  • Lunar_KnightLunar_Knight Member Posts: 292

    Ya, it's kind of a bummer... but I stopped following this game about 6 months ago after the repeated promises they made got broken too many times so it doesn't hit me as hard as some of you may have been hit. Hope you guys find other games to look forward to...

    R.I.P. DE community


    but time flows like a river

    and history repeats

    -Leader of "The Fighting Irish" in DAoC on Hib/Kay-


    ...but time flows like a river...

    ...and history repeats...

    -Leader of "The Fighting Irish" in DAoC on Hib/Kay-

  • drakirdrakir Member Posts: 51

    wee 2 years waiting down the drain =( well it was fun while it lasted R.I.P DE ::::16:: ::::16::
    *waits for WoW =O*



  • sweekessweekes Member Posts: 22
    Talk about a blow... I wasn't even paying any attention to WoW or EQ2 until recently.   At least I have the WoW Beta to soften that blow (it's better then I expected but not DE...)

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  • eureka1eureka1 Member Posts: 18

    Wow!  It looked so cool too!  A number of my friends have been following it forever.  I feel so bad for the development team and all the people who poured their love into this game.  It's a shame.  You know that a ton of people will get the "big two" but then you'll have lots of abandonment.  The online gaming industry is still really small - there's a whole untapped market out there.  Yet it seems like all the publicity that I've seen for almost any game is within "community" sites.  Only Everquest has broken the mold with real-life movie theater previews (that I've seen).

    I do hope that this game does make it, even if the launch date is pushed off.

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