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First Post :):)

fatenabu1fatenabu1 Member Posts: 381


  I was just wondering how good this game was? Has anyone played it yet?


God Bless,





  • rooster99rooster99 Member UncommonPosts: 30

    i played this game and i really enjoyed it i got a shamon atm hes fun try it out,it free after all

  • fatenabu1fatenabu1 Member Posts: 381

    What server and etc. I would love to play with ya



  • 175101144181175101144181 Member Posts: 10

    I played this game and it is pretty fun. only that the pets are a little annoying. They eat too much and quite hard to get the food. So i just let my pet die lol. quite easy to get money too. Only you got to buy missions.

  • drasilgamedrasilgame Member Posts: 58

    Game is fun, community is crap. Typical f2p. Might play a bit more tonight, but because ppl are idiots I might remove it from my system.

  • loudermploudermp Member Posts: 20

    I am quitting Silkroad because of the crowded server issue and Deco because it is a Joymax game too. Both games are fun, but I am unable to even post to the Silkroad forums. This posting issue may be because of my own ignorance, but in my opion Joymax cares very little about the player.

    As far as bots on Silkroad, they may be bad, but Ithink they just get blamed. I think the crowded server issue could be resolved in two ways.

    1. Do away with stalls and go to a auction method of handling things for sale.

    2. Limit inactive players (afk, etc) time. I know this cause I got in the game from 2:15am until 8:45 am while I was asleep.

    Silkroad developers can implement both ideas, I know cause this has been done in other games. I would suggest or post this, but Joymax has some sort of thing about your in game name being used and your level.  I am posting this here so maybe Deco will realize how the actions of Silkroad and Joymax are affecting them.  Not to be abusive, but to warn others.


    It must be true, I read it on the internet!

  • DarkDankDarkDank Member Posts: 1

    i played this game for awhile and it can be very much fun to run and explore the areas, camping is almost a must to level your character up but with frequent bonus XP events leveling can go very quickly (lvl 1 to lvl 50 in about a day or two).


    The game is simple and easy to figure out, players can be very helpful as in finding equipment to even leveling. Camping is encouraged and is even endorsed by XP events. The PVP system can be brutal and players with skill can easily wipe out whole groups of players. Monsters in areas are plentiful and respawn quickly. The pet and guild "Holy Creature" system is interesting but very time consuming as these gain XP but only 2 xp per minute in real time.


    The areas are small and few of them, there is a level cap of 10 levels in where a player is only able to damage a monster or other player that is within 10 levels of thier own or lower, this is bad in terms of PVP where higher levels prey upon the lower levels because they know they cannot fight back. There are few classes and the character trees are extremely limited, with a small choice in character appearances and equipment being very liniar most characters of the same level are very hard to distinguish between.

    then theres the crafting system.....

    old skill system

    The most interesting facet of the game i found was the crafting system, not as complex as some other games and very straight forward. But the Deco crafting system is based on actual skill not just go here....find this...put here....random outcome, instead when crating an item a mini game appears which challenges the player to manually choose colored triangles in the correct order within a specific time period. It takes some time and skill to master this system but the rewards can be great.

    New skill system

    Deco it's its infinate wisdom decided to scrap it's unique crafting system in in exchange for a system just like any other MMO, get these items...take them to NPC....random outcome. With all players  now equalized and the fact that crafted items are now bound there is no incentive to craft other then to "Try" and improve your characters own equipment.

    The manual skill based system was replaced with an automated one thus stripping the individualism gained from players mastering the crafting system in place of a generic random outcome base, the typical chances of success from the manual vs the automated dropped from roughly 40% to less then 25%.

  • arieusarieus Member Posts: 1

    uhm didnt mean to dissapoint u all , but this game has been released in my country like 5 years ago or so, at first this game was amazing, because its 3D playing way was new at that time, its competitor is only CABAL online at that time, but Cabal soon got left behind.

    unfortunately this game finally got left behind when some games with good 3D graphic concept, like RF online at that time appears, suddenly deco was left by all its player lol....1 week after RF online goes open beta in my country....which is like 4 years ago....the game become totally empty lol... i wander even to Lette Plains to found nothing but just NPC


    the problems at that time was the gameplay itself.....some class aren't work just how they do, like Knight class which is suprisingly 'soft' .... which mean when i use my mass aggro skill, i will find myself dead by mobs lol, their hit just punch right into me while my regen and big hp cant catch up.....i'm already using vit + 7 armor at that time but still i cant stand againts swarm of mobs, lower than my lvl


    but the last time i logged in, i read the notice that deco online is totally remaking the game, 90% changes to the game it said lol, but i havent had time to tried it, cuz after the remaking i was busy with RF online for like a month, and at that time the Deco server already shut down...but one of my friend said that the new system was pretty awesome.....good pvp mode, and they also fix all the class balance ( no more overpower slayer class ) and else


    i just hope this time the international server already using the new version, not the old one , cuz the old one sucks


    i'm pretty happy that this game is re released, i would really like to play once more

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