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What's taking Atriarch so long?

Davy_JonesDavy_Jones Member Posts: 12

This game has been in development for 7 years, is this game ever going to release?



  • ValiumSummerValiumSummer Member Posts: 1,008

    I actually signed up for the beta for this game... in 2002!

    Some of the promised features were pretty exciting, but I can't help but feel 7 years and dozens of mmorpgs have rendered this game woefully obsolete.


  • LeegOfChldrnLeegOfChldrn Member Posts: 364

    Originally posted by Davy_Jones

    This game has been in development for 7 years, is this game ever going to release?

    I severely doubt it.

    Me and my brother followed this together back when it first appeared, and I even won a lot of their contests, with a guaranteed alpha/beta spot, lol.

    My brother's friend who also followed the game had the opportunity to meet up with the team at a convention, along with Serafina. My brother is quite intelligent, so his friends tend to be as well.

    He basically said that Serafina is the main reason the game never got released. He stated that she (the leader of Atriarch) didn't have what it took for her position. I'm not sure if that meant more than selling the game to publishers, or if it meant she was ditzy or what not, but from what I remember the tone was not a very positive or respected one. I've also heard it said that she would talk about the features of the game publishers didn't care about, and would ignore what they wanted (wouldn't push those features which were more important to publishers).

    To be honest, I'm skeptical about the entire team itself. Their talent, their motivation, their committment, their pragmatic sense of reality, etc. It really seemed like they had a full time job doing something else, and attempted this in their free time. Whether they didn't have money time, talent, or committment, I don't know, but I think it prioritizes with the former.

    This is coming from someone who believes that majority of developers don't have what it takes, the majority of programmers barely know what they're doing, and the graphic artists (excluding animators) are the only ones who are really held accountable because of the ignorance of both business professionals and gamers in the tech world. (For instance, how everyone at is a self-proclaimed master programmer and network genius, capable of telling what is and isn't possible, as well as what is and isn't difficulty to implement in a game).

    Being a game developer myself with talents in all areas of development, I'd say that time/money is the biggest issue, which I think Atriarch had neither of. No matter if it's leadership, programming, or art, it all takes TIME. To have a good amount of time, one has to commit fully to it , which typically requires money (and more money the more time required). Nothing is really difficult, but almost everything takes TIME and MONEY. The last part, SKILL, isn't all that important unless the product actually HAS time and money (makes it to release). So whether or not the atriarch team had skill is irrelevant, because their leader didn't have the SKILL to gather enough TIME/MONEY through their interactions with publishers.



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