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hi my name is bob

VadrekVadrek Member Posts: 18

... and im a game addict... without a game to play!


Guys i need help and tips and all i need a gameeee.

I would love if dfo gets released but i dont believe in it atleast wont put all my hope on that game before its released so much strange things going on with them.


I love looting people i kill, im the biggest pk youll ever meet.

and pvp shouoldnt be too basic or easy cos im really fckin good.


I love FFA and not faction crap sh1t

i dont like pvp zones etc. i wanna kill anyone anywhere.


i used to play UO and Tibia and WoW. WoW was such a waste of my time grrrr

tibia was alright.

UO rocked.


I rather not go back playing some really old game and its a bit hard waiting for new games like star wars: tor.

I'd like something in beta right now that would be best... i mean so i can actually go right now and sign up for beta and start playing immediatly.

or some recently released game would rock.

but all tips are welcome cos im desperate.


thank you all


EDIT: Free trials and games I don't have to buy before trying is a big bonus. BIG BIG bonus


  • ElikalElikal Member UncommonPosts: 7,912

    Do you only seek MMORPGs or also single player games?

    For good single player RPGs I'd try out Fallout 3, its really great.

    I dont really like any particular MMO, but LOTRO always has something to do and it has solid gameplay.

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  • RehmesRehmes Member Posts: 600

    Only things that come to mind atm is L2 and EvE. Check those out, EvE has free trials through their site, L2 you may need a buddy key but im sure those who are playing it would be glad to hand you one.

  • heremypetheremypet Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 528

    There arent any good modern FFA / loot PVP mmos, unless you like EVE, which has ruthless PVP, but its dull and boring as hell.  AC still has a nice pvp server but looks like a ps1 game.  Vanguard has an FFA PVP server but that game was definately NOT written with PVP in mind, plus its glitchy as hell, unless you have a "vanguard video card" which is pretty much restricted to radeon HD 4870 or 4850x2.  Doesnt work at all with lowest possible settings on my 8800GTX without glitches and crashes all over the place.

    Im pretty much in the same boat your in, still wasting time with WoW waiting for mortal or DF to go beta.  I've logged back on EQ RZ a couple of times but that game is so ruined its not even funny.  No one wants to dev a game for niche players, which is what we FFA full loot PVP players have been categorized as.  Were not the majority market and so not alot of companies are going to invest in us.

    If DF and mortal are both fail then I will probably hang up MMOS for good.

    "Good? Bad? I'm the guy with the gun."

  • solarinesolarine Member Posts: 1,203

    I'd say EVE. Probably the piracy route.

    But it's absolutely not UO or AC and given offline, time-based skill training, you'd need to be patient with the first few months.

  • VadrekVadrek Member Posts: 18

    My friend played Eve and from asking him about it it sounds more likea game u'd start playing together with a clan.

    I'm a loner right now and i'm too picky about people i hang with, I dont like playing with noobs that I could dump without breaking a sweat.


    And the pvp sounds really dull in eve, only spaceship pvp that's automated and there's only 1 target box on the spaceship which is the whole spaceship lol.

    It really sounds to be a game you'd  need a clan that you enjoy playing with to have fun.


    And I refuse to give my hope up with mmorpgs.

    singeplayer games is not for me and I usually beat singleplayer games in 1-3 days since I can play a lot.

    I like competing with real people.


    Please keep the tips rolling in

  • TenSpottingTenSpotting Member Posts: 367

    Hello Bobby

  • ghoul31ghoul31 Member Posts: 1,955

    Shadowbane has FFA pvp,and you can loot people's inventories. Guilds can build cities, and siege and destroy other guilds cities. Also, there are more ways to make a character than any game I  have played

    Its also free.


  • VadrekVadrek Member Posts: 18

    yep I know about this game, it belongs in the really old games section tho.

    If no other game proves worthy i'll just be forced to play shadowbane or maybe ill play some free UO shard.

    But both above options is something I'm not too happy with and if I any of those it's just to play them until some new game goes into beta stage.

  • VadrekVadrek Member Posts: 18

    I just noticed i posted this in wrong forum so if any mod could move this to the right one that'd be cool

  • spinach8puffspinach8puff Member CommonPosts: 864

    You only mentioned a few, but list all games you have tried and don't like so I don't waste my time suggesting one you have tried.

  • VadrekVadrek Member Posts: 18

    I tried SWG and played it to like lvl 20+ but the questing got kinda booring and the game was old and i felt totally lost running around in the huge deserts lol. Might give it a second shot aswell but rather see if theres anything better.

    EDIT: I think biggest reason was that I heard from a friend who played this game in it's early days that the game isn't as good anymore and a bit old so I guess that's part reason I didn't want to put too much effort in that game.


    I just read someone who suggested Miridian 59. I read about the game on ther website and it sounded really good, the graphics didn't look so nice but not too bad. I payed the 11 dollar and logged in and it's 100 times worse graphics than the first quake game ever made and its first person view which is kinda yucky for a mmorpg.

    I also did a /who and I never saw any other players online.

    I'll keep playing it for a day or two so I don't waste my money but i'm sure I wont like that game


    Vanguard is a big no.

    so is dark and light.

    and runescape. I dont like browser games.

    nope to WAR.


    uhmm can't think of more atm

  • spinach8puffspinach8puff Member CommonPosts: 864

    Crowns of Power - Full loot pvp after level 20

    Mortal Online - Will be released summer of 2009 and they plan to have full loot pvp I believe

    Darkfall- Will supposedly be released before 2009

    Those are the only recent games I can find that have or will have full loot pvp.

  • VadrekVadrek Member Posts: 18

    i'll check out crowns of power tomorrow, now im gonna crash

  • DrukstylzDrukstylz Member Posts: 189

    Since you played some of the older games and enjoyed them ie UO. You may be able to control your gag reflex if I mention Dofus.  I saw an advertisement on this website for the game. Apparently they have a permanent death server(s), not sure if this applies to PvP. But it sounds something perfect for you.

    Bob: "cos im really fckin good."

  • VadrekVadrek Member Posts: 18

    lol perma death... I never played a game or new about any games that had that.

    At first thought it sounds crazy, imagine if UO had perma death.. lmao


    But it might just work, sounds interesting.

    I'm gonna give dofus a try later sometime, right now im lvling in crowns of power =)

    lvl 14 blue/black color right now.


    Hopefully I can get some friends to come with me in that game and we'll be dominating the fields

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