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WOTLK Is Amazing



  • elockeelocke Member UncommonPosts: 4,335

    WOTLK was amazing for about 3 days, then I got used to it, and then I remembered why I had quit 6 months ago. The self absorbed community, the annoying and long checklist of things to do with no REAL reward at the end.

    The only thing I can say about WOTLK now is, Excellent music, art design and zones. The rest is more of the same and just isn't worth a monthly fee.

    I'm finding LOTRO to be my game of choice all of a sudden, for numerous reasons, 1 being the communtiy is ultra friendly and helpful, and 2 the graphics and story and complex crafting and trait system are just fun as hell.

  • AzrileAzrile Member Posts: 2,582

    The game is terrible.

    Last night almost 80% of NA servers had a queue.  The game is so bad they've now released almost 20 new servers in the last week to handle all the players.   Server populations are through the roof... terrible terrible game.

  • donjndonjn Member UncommonPosts: 816
    Originally posted by Azrile

    The game is terrible.
    Last night almost 80% of NA servers had a queue.  The game is so bad they've now released almost 20 new servers in the last week to handle all the players.   Server populations are through the roof... terrible terrible game.



  • saint4Godsaint4God Member Posts: 699

    Yesterday Blizzard opened up free character moves to those of us (myself included) who were concerned about long queues.  I won't be moving though, pretty much all my characters are on an RP server or RPPVP and the transfer is to a Normal I'll be staying put.  Hopefully those who say "lol? wut iz rp? lol" will move.

  • SharajatSharajat Member Posts: 926
    Originally posted by saint4God

    Originally posted by pewtpewt

     Most of the crap that is now WoW doesn't make any sense at all, especially the factions.

    Although I do like and play World of Warcraft daily, I will blame 'shock culture' for this one.  When the game came out, it was a big deal to us RP'ers that Warlocks and Shadow Priests were alliance...just didn't make sense and our guild stuck to the idea that either you serve The Light and reject shadowmagic or you do not (hence neither class permitted in the guild).  Then, as more shock and awe there was the Death Knight...also alliance.  Spin the story however you wish, it's the same idea repackaged cold and with glowing blue.  *sigh* I thought a hero class would be a hero...but perhaps gone are the days of consistent truth.  Even the Lich King story (and dare I say physical appearance) seems recycled from the Lord of the Rings books/movies.  Magic item, used, corrupts user, now they're the ultimate evil.


    Maybe you never played Warcraft 3, but the alliance were never the good guys, and the horde never the bad guys.  The alliance betrayed, connived, and destroyed things.  The Orc campaign in the expansion clearly showed how the Alliance betrayed the Horde first, breaking the treaty that had bound the two together for no provocation - just profit.  The Alliance betrayed the high elves, condemning them to death.  The high elves were their greatest allies!  And they left them to die. 

    As for shadow magic, the alliance never had their hands clean there.  They were always willing to use anything they could lay their hands on.

    In terms of honor, the horde were always the honorable faction - keeping their word, working with others.  The only odd point there is their alliance with Sylvanis, but her hatred for Arthas and the scourge is so great that she would do anything to get her way, and frankly the horde needed allies.

    In every country and in every age, the priest has been hostile to liberty. He is always in alliance with the despot, abetting his abuses in return for protection to his own.

    -Thomas Jefferson

  • saint4Godsaint4God Member Posts: 699

    Thanks for the background, that does explain a few things.  True I hadn't played Warcraft III much (maybe about a half hour).  I was into Warcraft II for quite some time but III didn't really do anything for me compared to the other RTS games out at the time.  Our focus as a guild primarily was moreso on the Light versus the Scourge, which is a classic good versus evil.  Despite justifications, using Scourge magic wouldn't be appropriate for a follower of the Light.  Within the game, one can see the corruption it lends the user to.

  • Pappy13Pappy13 Member Posts: 2,138
    Originally posted by slask777

    Originally posted by Pepsipwnzgod

    Originally posted by donjn

    Originally posted by Pappy13

    Originally posted by donjn

    Originally posted by xaldraxius

    I play an integral part in the forum game.
    I'm a villain.

    Good to see a real "roleplay" poster I liked the villain thing :) 

    Ooooh Oooooh, can I be the fanboi?!!!  Please?  Pretty please?!!!!  I can do it, I KNOW I can. :)

    Okay I nominate you!


    I Second that!



    I third it  I like Pappy even though he/she is a little bit on the manic side now and then. Not like I've been there too now and then though. If WoW is the best mmo, is a matter of taste though. I feel WotLK is just more of the same old shit I've done a thousand times before Just looking at ingame videos from WotLK give me reason to believe it, but...Hey, if it works, don't fix it and it obviously work like a motherfucker for Blizzard.


    Thanks all.  I'll try to keep the mania under control. :) 

    It's okay to be a fanboi, as long as you realize you are a fanboi.  Now I just have to get the haters and trolls to accept their role....LOL

    Oh and btw, it's he, but I play a she on WoW sometimes.  Edit:  Um, that sounded bad.  I mean I play a female toon on WoW sometimes....nothing more than that. :)


  • donjndonjn Member UncommonPosts: 816

    I am a fanboi for Wow I admit.

    One more thing, roleplay freaks me out. I tried it once in was awkward. That is all.

  • ThradarThradar Member Posts: 949

     I'm playing it for the addition of dynamic shadows.  Can't beat that in the 21st century!!!

  • jaycee2006jaycee2006 Member Posts: 466

    I agree, it is rather smashing

  • saint4Godsaint4God Member Posts: 699

    I have to say my first landing in Borean Tundra was a bit anti-climactic, thinking it was a re-vamp of more of the same.  Blue kobolds?  Seriously?  But I got word last night that 70's could get to Howling Fjord from Menethil Harbour and figured "what the hey".  MUCH BETTER!  The giants are about twice the size of my human, which makes so much more sense than stupidly sky-high foes.  The attack on the north part of the town was fun and didn't seemed like a theatrical play where everyone goes through the motions of a script.  Overall the landscape was much more cohesive and interesting to look at, a consistent cohesive whole whereas Borean looked more like a playground with different groups of kids playing different games.  Good times, and queues are looking a lot more normal without the wait times.  The shadow of the dragon flying overhead had me jump.  The more I play, the more I appreciate the shading, higher detail and shadows.

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