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Mabinogi is ridiculously addictive, cute, fun, and expensive

TazuwukeiTazuwukei Member Posts: 45

I've been playing since march 08, good stuff - if you can afford it that is, mabinogi is one of the most expensive games out there, if you want full membership and a rebirth every 3 weeks. It costs as much as $25 a month ($300 a year) if you use those features as much as possible. Of course, nobodies making you get those features, it's only your own addiction, your competitive side, wanting to be able to do the higher level dungeons everyone else is doing, feeling left out etc..

Nexon america isn't very nice to free players, in the korean version they would get free rebirths at age 20, allowing free players to compete as well. Free players are absolutely incomparable to paying players in every aspect, unless they mass grind and trade gold for nx$ to rebirth and such.

In korea, rebirth cards were 3$ each, not 8-10$. Premium service was also much cheaper, the only thing they charged a lot for was pets, which for the bigger and skillful mounts etc, go as high as 25$, they'll probably make those go for at least the same amount here, mark my words. By next year the cash shop will have items going for over 20,000 nx.

Nexon America won't give out the free rebirth things for a long time, if they ever do. That's for certain, f*-ing cash cow company for the loss.In korea, they stopped offering naos service for revives, like hell they'll ever do that for this version.

GG - if you can afford it.

-Zelfae of Tarlach



  • Fa+eFa+e Vanguard CorrespondentMember Posts: 190

    Everytime I see anything of this game, I want to play it.  Ragnarok was my first MMO and for years and years after I stopped playing it, I still considered it home.  And when I see this game, I know what it is that I am missing out of other MMO's.  But I never play it, lol.  I made a character and went down to the village, that's as far as I've gone and I keep telling myself that I need to give that game an honest try, but now that you are saying  I need to be rich to do it, I think I might pause on that.  =P  Anyhow, thanks for the info, this really does look like an awesome game.

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  • All you need is $15-$20. Thats it. A horse and a pet is all you need to get through. Now there is a lot more stuff with the new Pioneers of Iria Generations. If anything just spend about $8-$16 a month for rebirths. The Fantasy Life Package is not really important. It does add some good stuff, but its not important. And by the way, I've been playing this game for a long time and I've gotten pretty addicted, and I've gottin by without paying a cent. But I am thinking about paying the $15 for the pet and horse.


  • SaionjikSaionjik Member Posts: 4

    From playing mabinogi since Korean version > Taiwan Version > and now NA Version. I have to say, Mabinogi is definitly those four. Addicting, cute, fun, and expensive. You can play this game without paying for it now because NA Nexon is smart and decided to allow the whole g1-g2 series of quests that give you paladin ability for free, and they give you free rebirth character cards at 20 years of age (in-game), so that you won't ever be stuck behind in AP. Also, you get to try out the Nao Service for as long as you don't have a character above level 30 on your account.

    This game is definitly worth my time, as I've played many. I do not want to get involved in WoW any longer, I wont play Perfect World, I just want something I can enjoy. This game has grinding, but most mmo's have them. The thing that makes this game rock is that there is ALWAYS , and I mean, ALWAYS something to do... It's crazy. I love the sandbox enviornment for the RP'ers and I love the people who play the game too. Give this game a try, it's cute, it's fun, it's addictive, and yes.... there is no way of escaping it... if you want a horse, or some pets (good investments due to free inventory space) then you need to get out to a convinient store and get a $10-25 Nexon Cash Card.




  • SaionjikSaionjik Member Posts: 4
    Originally posted by lilriot121

     If anything just spend about $8-$16 a month for rebirths.


    Dont listen to this fool , (just kidding, you play mabi so you rock <3 ) you do not have to pay for rebirths, they come free every time your character ages to age 20. So if you select to rebirth at age 17, you wait 3 weeks and you have a rebirth. That's just enough time to level up a decent ammount (especially during times where you have to do other things like work or school). Anywho... enjoy the game, try it out. They're always releasing new updates. We got elves, giants, humans, dueling, elf vs giant affiliation pvp. We're very anime looking. Ugh...



  • AshuronAshuron Member Posts: 3

    Personally I only rebirth rather rarely

    I pay for the full Nao package (the $15 a month) and occasionally I'll buy a new pet. Every time I rebirth I start at 10 (You get free AP, and get to wear all the cool little kid clothes xD!!). If your in a rush to catch up and get ahead, then yeah, starting at 17 is your best bet to avoid paying. If your just in it to relax and enjoy the game, 10 is a great age to start. You get a decent chunk of free AP for aging up when your young, So it takes that edge off the "Argh Must rebirth every 3 weeks!!" reflex =P.

  • I started playing 5 weeks ago after reading some comments about the game on this site. I've completely become addicted to it (and can't even bother to play lotro anymore even with a lifetime sub). After a dozen or more mmo's since the early days of Ultima Online this one (for a change)  has everything I want in a mmo: variety, a skill based system, tactical combat, explortation, dungeons, soloing, plenty of  interaction with others when I'm in the mood ect ect.

    I didn't realize how bad I was hooked till the server upgrade today and couldn't play. It's not a perfect game but it's fun and cheap entertainment (if you can resist the perks) and full of surprises around every corner with some nice graphics and great gameplay. A word of warning: the game is much more fun with a purchased pet (or pets) and although I don't pay for any regular services I can see how they would also greatly add to the fun.

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