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Sex in atlantica?? is it possible???

repapipsrepapips Member Posts: 450

Im just wonderin if they can add features like in ht SIMS game... where you can engage sex with oher people and get pregnant and to have a baby where you can hire him as your mercs and raise him as a fighter...

With this feature you will raise your kid as a strong men like in the 300 movie!!!




  • muro_amimuro_ami Member Posts: 91

    I guess they will not allow it because Atlantica Online is made for all ages I suppose, and if there is a thing like that, they would not allow minors to play the game. But I doubt if ever they will allow that kind of feature.

  • denisfenixdenisfenix Member Posts: 30

     Why are you asking it ?


    /quoting above reply.


  • Zayne3145Zayne3145 Member Posts: 1,448


  • kokoro-chinkokoro-chin Member Posts: 181


    Umm... not sure it fits the game?

  • archisisarchisis Member Posts: 58

    wtf? lol

  • dalevi1dalevi1 Member Posts: 829

    Second Life...what!?

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  • gsp_rushgsp_rush Member Posts: 113

    LOL! What a suggestion! I guess muro is right. It is not appropriate for the game, because Atlantica Online is not a real simulation game. I mean it is in the fantasy category. If they like that feature, they would definitely go to other games who especializes that feature. I know one.

  • Cypt1Cypt1 Member UncommonPosts: 283

    Ooookay.... Talk about random....

  • Death1942Death1942 Member UncommonPosts: 2,587

    moving on....

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  • NeosaiNeosai Member Posts: 401

    Wrong genre, you might want to try HENTAI games.

    You cannot really make a game that is isn't already adult in nature and still make a MMORPG out of it.

    Violence and suggestive themes are already pushing the limits in MMORPG, maybe in another few hundred years when the people's moral value changes, then it might be possible.

    Or, just wait for the genre of AMMORPG to come out.  You know which country will dominate that genre? Japan duh.

    EDIT:  Just wanted to add that, there are games with prettier characters that I like to see getting it on than Atlantica.  Hey, it is just personal preference, you might be into different things than I.

  • GravargGravarg Member UncommonPosts: 3,423

    I wouldn't mind getting with my Oracle

  • GravargGravarg Member UncommonPosts: 3,423

    yeah, that interview has a couple of, what i guess to be, translation mistakes.  Or maybe they will let you get married and such later, just hasn't been implemented yet.  I can see it now, Atlantica Hot Date Expansion

  • shade633shade633 Member Posts: 28

    seriously this came out of no where!

    Beware the "Shadow Rogues"!

  • gsp_rushgsp_rush Member Posts: 113

    So it is indeed true, not the s-ex part though, but for the procreation thing. I wonder how will that happen. I mean mercs getting babies, how can we control which one they will marry since we can only control our main character, we can only control our mercs whenever in battle mode.

  • kokoro-chinkokoro-chin Member Posts: 181

    Mercenaries can have children?! How?! *kokoro's child-rearing instinct is tingling* I want to have kids! Umm, rather, I want to know how your mercenaries can have kids so that I could raise them! Has any of you experience this?

  • gsp_rushgsp_rush Member Posts: 113

    One thing they can do is that you can get the shaman, oracle, or any lady mercenary, and a male mercenary like the swordsman, spearman etc and put them inside the mercenary room. In that way, they can have privacy and make some baby mercenaries.


  • repapipsrepapips Member Posts: 450

    Im very excited aboout this feature... Im looking forward to my swordy banging my lady knight... and their son maybe is SUPER knight!!! but ow about AXE and spearman??? maybe their offspring is a bearer of two weapons... yuck so gay.... axe and spearman banging around


  • Cik_AsalinCik_Asalin Member Posts: 3,033

    I wouoldnt mind a virtual bj since according to the democrats in the US, that isnt considered sex. . .that is if a sex act would be too much for the younger audience in Atlantica and fellation isnt sex.

  • kokoro-chinkokoro-chin Member Posts: 181

    You know, I would want to see the love child of a spearman and a sailor. For me, of my all the D class merc, only the spearman looks decent (haven't gotten any C class yet) and the sailor just looks plain hot!

    You know, I have tried placing my monk and shaman in the merc room but nothing happened! Maybe there was no chemistry between them?

  • repapipsrepapips Member Posts: 450

    what??? BJ is not a sex?? so it is legal to BJ other people??? hmm BJ in atlantica??? sounds fun!!! i hope virtual bj in atlantica can restore mana, health or even will...


  • fherdzfherdz Member Posts: 33

    wow this  topic gone far... hehhehe but i think having a child in atlantica sounds interesting.... i'll check here for future updates....

  • kingtommyboykingtommyboy Member Posts: 543

    If you wanna have virtual sex, go play SECONDLIFE

    waiting for ... nothing..

  • repapipsrepapips Member Posts: 450

    wow!!! I never thought this tpic will go far... anyways it only shows that gamers are thirsty for ---!!! hehehe


  • BakoryoBakoryo Member UncommonPosts: 469

    It do say alot about people that want features like this implented in a game, doesn't it?

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