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The reason why DCU will be sucssesful,



  • Daffid011Daffid011 Member UncommonPosts: 7,945
    Originally posted by Loke666

    Originally posted by lazyredhead

    reasons why DCU will fail:
    the developer is SOE


    They did good with EQ and past failures doesn't mean that a new game will fail.

    Do you know how many crap games Blizzard did before they hit the jackpot with Warcraft 2 and Diablo?

    Except the stupid RMT I think SOE have turned EQ2 from an avarage boring MMO into a great game.

    DCU is very different from any MMOs we know today, it have more in common with GTA then Wow in many ways. If it can get the PS3 kids into playing it SOE will make a lot of money.

    It might fail badly also but it looks a lot better than CO and have Jim Lee doing the art. I think it have a lot bigger chanse than CO who just is an upgraded version of City of heroes.


    You have to admit that SOE has really mucked up just about everything they have touched.  EQ2 is only improving, because they have a successful model to follow.  If they have to do something on their own, they just don't know how to make good games anymore.  EQ2 always had potential to be a great game, but look at the choices soe made with it in the beginning.  That is what made is such a bad game from gameplay, to game engine to many of the aspects that drove players away.  After many years it has finally turned around, but again not as a result of soes initiatives. 

    When you look at their track record what has soe done?  They bought out sigil and continued supporting an already successful game.  Beyond that they have really underachieved and they are really struggling.

    Free realms can not even fill 1 server with players even after having 5 million sign up for the game.

    The agency has been pushed back after some 5 years of development and the heads of the studio left the company suddenly.  This game looks like it could be in serious trouble. 

    DCU, well what really scares me is how many times the leadership roles have changed on this title.  I suspect some people were not following the company policy with their design decisions so they got replaced and I don't like what Smedly talks about in his vision of the industries future.  


    I will admit that DCU looks like it has potential even though the gameplay doens't look all that great, it is still a very powerful license that would take serious effort to screw up.   Also I really like the way the DCU rep talked about DCU at fan faire.  His name and position escape me right now, but I think it was Jans or something Eurpean sounding.   He was the only person that walked on the stage to show any passion for his product.   Everyone else was more interested in whoring out loot cards and filling in their 120 seconds of stage time talking about inane garbage and press fluff. 



  • ForumfallForumfall Member Posts: 570

    If I was forced to bet money I would put 1000$ on the failure of DC.


    DC stands for DisConnected / DisContinued

  • PinkerlPinkerl Member Posts: 123

    champions have better looking visual than dc unierverse but dc gameplay will be better.

  • DraccanDraccan Member Posts: 1,050

    DCU looks like a complete failture to me.


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