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Upcomming updates

viperaceviperace Member Posts: 10

New Character - ‘Thief’ Class update - November

- Specialized battle system which is completely different from the existing, [Thief] class will be added

- Thief characters are very fast and well hidden who are much made up for the battle, also can grow fast.

- So they are very useful and strong when fighting close to the opponent when playing with other parties.

User Interface Update - November

- It will be updated more familiar for the users and to be close to the users.

- Many tool bars that are divided will be added in one so it may be easier to play.

- Help tool bar will be updated for the first users of Kal Online.

Season 2 of Kal Online update - February 2009

- The new world of Kal Online Season 2 will begin through the [Valley of Debah].

- It will be opened through the Valley of Debah which will be connected into Geheneh continent.

- Season 2 of Kal Online will contain high level monster parade and large nation battle which are going

to be constantly updated.

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