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All about crafting

repapipsrepapips Member Posts: 450

what do you think about crafting?? is it worth of your time and gold??? i mean you need hi crafting level in order for you to craft decent weapons and armors... license is pretty cool but the raw materials is pretty expensive... what do you think guys???



  • GravargGravarg Member UncommonPosts: 3,424

    early on crafting is just a money sink imho, but later in the game it will help alot, since armor in late game is very expensive.  Also Medicine is a must later on.

  • muro_amimuro_ami Member Posts: 91

    If you are the type of person who wants to create a product from raw materials, then crafting is for you. For me, there are certain moods that I like crafting and sometimes, I am too lazy to craft. WHenever I am too lazy to craft, then that is the time I go directly to the market to buy it.

  • kokoro-chinkokoro-chin Member Posts: 181

    I happen to enjoy crafting so for me it's worth my time and gold. But, crafting tends to become very expensive, usually the costs of ingredients are higher than the price of the crafted item. So, if you're thinking of making a profit, crafting isn't really the way to go. But, if you enjoy leveling up your skill, and also maybe sharing/teaching your skills, then crafting can definitely be worth your time.

  • wrathshieldwrathshield Member UncommonPosts: 39

    I will give you my general take on crafting and how I came to where I am today.

    Learn - I have learned almost every crafting skill (level 1)   Most came from guildmates and/or friends and some random people i asked to teach me.

    Don't pay for crafting skills if you can avoid it since so many people are out there teaching them for free.  Use your scrolling banner to find them (just click on it ..took me a while to figure this one out), or you can use the Artisan tab under Community to find teachers.  Most are more than willing to teach you since it gives them xp in that crafting skill (the higher the level taught the more xp the teacher receives).

    Focus on 2 or 3 useful crafts for your build or what you think will help you in the long run or that interest you or whatever your reason.  Now I said I have learned level 1 in almost ever craft - I did this so that whenever I get materials (as drops or from boxes) and I have the right quantity, I can make something with them for free.  After every quest or monster killing spree, I usually check my mats to see if I have what I need to make "something".  This is just something fun for me.  I might be able to make machine bolts, or some mana vials, or a pot of stew.  If I have enough stuff to level up a craft to the next level woooohooo but I mainly just do this to make something just because I can and usually sell it or use it......you may want to check the price of what you can make from the materials in the market and see if the materials will sell for more than the item (materials can make you some money versus the item a lot of the time).  Anyway, just a nice side game I play.

    Back to focused crafting:  I have teachable levels in Armor (remember the quest where you have to learn the craft and make armor?- yeah plenty of people needing teaching)....plus every merc uses armor as does my hero.  I have teachable levels also in Gun (my main in a gunner), Food - I use it all the time between battles.  I will probably raise medicine up eventually.  I can make bullets and cannonballs if I get the mats but most times they are cheaper buying them from the market.

    Anyway, in summary, I think crafting is a game within the game of AO and something fun to do.  (1) I don't think it is a money making opportunity at low levels as mentioned (2) I think some craft skills will be crucial at high levels ......remember you will always have way more money at high levels to level up your crafting skills so don't worry (oh unless you are a gambler and lose 4mill a day arena betting)


    Good luck have fun crafting.



  • YuramikoYuramiko Member Posts: 176

    Yes, it is really worth your time, since, that you need some points on which you you can gain from killing monsters, so it will be a win win situation for anyone, killing monsters and crafting at the same time. You can as well level up your crafting skill then.

  • dt1984dt1984 Member Posts: 218

    It might be a money down the drain thing at frst but hold on and specialize in one crafting and you'll see later on that it will pay off. I have Armor, Bow, Crystal, and Action crafting and i must say that it is paying off. At my level i can craft blood knight and i can sell them at very high prices. I also accept pre-orders from guild mates to help me save money on mats to level my craft. That's about it with my experience with crafting.

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