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Tried it, not bad...

DanagDanag Member UncommonPosts: 67

So, the other night while watching the game on Monday night football, I figured I'd give a new game a try on the other monitor. Grabbed a copy of ROSE, created my account and got under way.

Installation wasn't too bad. Had to disable my Sophos Anti-Virus software in order to get things to install properly.

I was a bit turned off that the game, itself, needed to not only run under an Admin-level account but also required me to disable my Anti-Virus software while playing as well. It wasn't the game, actually, it was more-so the nProtect anti-cheat software that runs along with it.

That's all fine and dandy, but seriously. Different level accounts have existed in the Windows world since Windows NT. For the average end-users, most people have been utilizing different level users since Windows 2000 was popular. Windows XP was all about not using an Admin-level account for your day-to-day activities, especially since the "Power Users" group pretty much let you do everything you needed except installing device drivers and some software titles. And now we're into the day of Vista (scary, I know), and the new UAC security-level that's been added to the operating system. So why, oh why can't some of these software vendors realize that you should not need Admin-level to simply run a game. You certainly shouldn't need to disable your Anti-Virus software. And you most surely shouldn't need to do _BOTH_.

Regardless, I figure I'll give it a try. I snap-shot the machine quick, prior to installation, so worse-case scenario was a format and restore-from-snapshot, 40 minutes tops.

The game wasn't bad. It was a little too cutesy for my personal taste. But other than the cutesy I had a good time playing for a couple hours, in-between yelling at the other monitor at my football team, LOL.

Leveling up wasn't bad, as I quickly made it past level 10. The game play was very smooth, and things were nice too look at. Obviously I didn't play long enough to get a feel for the community or the role-play experience of the rest of the players. I didn't see many other players, actually, maybe a few here and there.

I'm hoping when my boys are old enough to start getting into MMOs, that there will be some cutesy ones like this around. They're only 3, so it'll be a little while before they're MMO-ready. But it would be nice if there's some like this around when it's their turn to venture into the MMO world, before they jump into gorier games like us old-timers like, :)

For those who are curious, I'd say ROSE is worth a try. I mean, it's free, so not like you're waisting any $$$. As long as you've got a fairly quick Internet connection to download the installer, then all you're really investing is a little time and some bandwidth.



  • Apollo_XApollo_X Member Posts: 6

    Nice review, but I would like to add some comments. It's a mmorpg for a reason. The true value lies in intracting with other people. Community has been growing since this game went f2p. The real fun in this game starts after you team up.

    Sure, this game has a cartoonish style, which might lead to the conclusion it mainly attracts kids. My experience however is that there are quite alot of adults playing this game. Maybe because this game is not "bloody" in it's graphics, which are great by the way,  but that's just guessing...

  • DanagDanag Member UncommonPosts: 67

    The true value lies in intracting with other people.

    Oh, I agree entirely. You certainly can't get an entire feel for a MMO in just a few hours. I basically was on the look for something to just give a try and ROSE caught my eye. I'll probably jump in, from time to time, just to keep expanding my experience with the in-game world, since it's f2p. I've got a few f2p MMOs installed that I log into every once in a while just to take a breather from my regular MMO.

    I'm primarily a player of EVE Online, but now and then, just like any other game, I like to take a break, and see what else is out there. I'm all about having a few f2p MMOs on the back-burner for those times that EVE is getting an expansion, the servers are down, or I just plain need a break 'cuz I just got my arse kicked in some huge fleet battle, LOL, :) makes it incredibly easy to find f2p MMOs to try out, or even the p2p ones when there's a 7-day or 14-day trial here and there, or the open-Beta signups.

    I love MMOs, the good and the bad. Because what might be bad to me, is most-likely someone else's favorite MMO of all time, and just the same where EVE is the MMO I'm all gung-ho for, there are many who dislike it and are very vocal about it.

    "One man's garbage is another man's treasure." they say, and in the world of MMOs, where there are countless to choose from, and new ones joining the ranks every day, this little saying fits perfectly, :)


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