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RF Online not so dead after all

GameloadingGameloading Member UncommonPosts: 14,182

Seems RF Online is comming back, this time it's being Hosted by CCR (The development company).

(attempt at)english announcement:


Personally I think this is great news. RF Online may have been overhyped back when it was released, but if you're looking for a free to play MMO you could do a lot worse than RF Online.

By looking at the website, I get the feeling the english translation probably isn't going to be the best aspect of the new RF.


  • megafluxmegamegafluxmega Member Posts: 138

    i like the style of it and all but doesnt the whole cash shop thing destroy any sense of purpose in this game?

  • GameloadingGameloading Member UncommonPosts: 14,182
    Originally posted by megafluxmega

    i like the style of it and all but doesnt the whole cash shop thing destroy any sense of purpose in this game?


  • EvilGargamelEvilGargamel Member Posts: 85

    Didn't you like that crappy Archlord game too?

  • megafluxmegamegafluxmega Member Posts: 138

    really? i mean if i played a game and busted my ass to get high level and be all bad ass and then a month later they started offering items to let people do it with 1/4 the effort i would feel pretty much like i wasted my time.

    i mean this game didnt used to have a cash shop at all right? they added that instead of charging too much for people to play? which begs the question if it was too much to pay to play it how bad was it? worse than TR?


  • jimbo833jimbo833 Member Posts: 158

    who cares all i no is that we will be getting the expansion's :D...hopefully

  • ZagatoMKRZagatoMKR Member UncommonPosts: 263

    I rather play on a server with higher rates if you catch my hint.
    Something with a lot of epicness. ;)


  • BikuuBikuu Member Posts: 10

    Personally, I loved this game. I was so sad when the English servers went down.

    And I'm going to wait for it to come back up and I will happily join in again and play. C:


    I thought it was pretty fun. I loved how you could be noobish, but have epic looking weapons. xD

    In my opinion, the graphics are nice, the users are helpful, and it's not a grindfest. Plus, I think the characters and the scenery and such are pretty unique. Sure, there's better MMORPGs out there. But RF Online is most definitely not crap.

  • justai2000justai2000 Member Posts: 6

    yes let us all wait 

    "PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE" lol....

  • ZorvanZorvan Member CommonPosts: 8,912
    Originally posted by EvilGargamel

    Didn't you like that crappy Archlord game too?


    Like it? He was their main supporter here.

  • karampotkarampot Member Posts: 8

    I hope that the english translation is good, translation can ruin a good game...

  • The_GothessThe_Gothess Member Posts: 10

    guys and girls, please do visit the RF global new re-invented site:

    new items, weapons, and other things I'm sure you'll be fond of.

    Please do bear with the CCR team. Eventhough the site is already available, its still under construction. If you find some broken links, buttons not functioning well, Korean words that aren't translated in English, typographical and grammatical error, page not displayed properly, please do inform the concerned people for immediate resolution. CCR are doing they're best to re-pay your unwavering support and effort. Hope to see you all in the beta testing time that's soon to come. Happy viewing RF players. Enjoy your tour. :D

  • Lol2dLol2d Member Posts: 10

    I played it since open beta and trust me cash shop ruined RF.


    And for the guy who said this game isn't a grindfest we can easily tell you joined way long after it was released where you could get lvl 45 in 2 days instead of some months.

  • justai2000justai2000 Member Posts: 6

    lets see if there are new items on the cash shop once CCR releases RF..

  • The_GothessThe_Gothess Member Posts: 10

    when i've visited, i saw in there an array of new items.  Hope it'll be available once the beta testing has already started. =]

  • MaggotscreamMaggotscream Member Posts: 284

    Lmfao, RF _not_ a grind fest? have they honestly nerfed it that much so you can hit 45 in 2 days?

    It used to take weeks to get to that level with good/perfect PT's.

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