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multi hued crystal

repapipsrepapips Member Posts: 450

how do i get the multi-hued crystal shard?

these darn things are needed for the NPC Sha Jahan in the abyss of the taj mahal that givfes you a ring as a reward

i cant buy them in the market since they cost a fortune.

i need to know if maybe i can use a hammer on some equip that gives them shards or probably if anyone knows of any monster that i can farm them of?

any help would be much appreciated ^^;



  • NuneNune Member Posts: 5

    Make them. Crystal craft lvl 1, seeing as how dragon crystals became cheaper. It shouldn't cost you much, especially considering you're level 80+

  • dt1984dt1984 Member Posts: 218

    Yep, do crystal crafting. ^^ that's what i did to start this one. ^^ after which he will have you run though all the burial chambers to kill the mobs there and loot quest items. ^^ Good luck and happy gaming!

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