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Dream of Mirror:early game

anigousanigous Member UncommonPosts: 113

     Hello this is my opinon of how most of the DOMO community begins the game. Thats right, probaly some people never heard of DOMO. Dream of Mirror is an MMORPG which offers a class system, this class system will make your character turn into different characters (i.e. "Connor chose to be a fencer class, he changed from the list of jobs he can change into"). To go even deeper you can add a certain set of one class's skills into your other class's skills(i havent played for some time i forgot if its only temporary or forever). OK starting in the game is easy enough. A cute little tutorial with a story. There is also a social system, but i think it's annoying when i find my "destined lover" or something like that. I don't marry or get girlfriends online because it's kinda idiotic to love a bunch of pixels.


    That's beyond the point. Then when you enter the game itself you will do the nicely translated quests, just so you can survive in this game. Then you hunt zombies for like ever, there is a nice option to do this party quest like thing. Though i like Maple Story more just because the party quests add a nice dimension to the gameplay/comuinity.

"i have a lvl 26 maplestory warrior lvl 9 asda story archer and a adventure quest mage lvl 15 and my xfire is my bro's"

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