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Anshe Chung Bank on the Auction Block

Anshe Chung, who was referred to as "The Rockefeller of Secnd Life" in a CNN report, has placed her bank on Planet Calypso on auction in the in-game auction system.

The opening bid is 800,000 PED, or $80K in US Dollars which is some 200,000 more PED than the winning bid for the bank when it was initially auctioned by MindArk and purchased by Chung.

So far, there has been no public statement by Chung, MindArk, or the new subsidiary of MindArk, First Planet Company.

More as conditions warrant.


Alpha AG Geek
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  • Nytewolf2k7Nytewolf2k7 Member Posts: 181

    Hmmm, They (Anshe Chung Studios) invested a fair bit into it and are under a 2 year contact... Can they really dip out this early?

    Most contracts have some sort of financial penalty attached if you cancel early from my experience...

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  • TekdTekd Member UncommonPosts: 65

    Her bank didn't sell, did it?

    EDIT: Oops, typo.

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