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The Monomyth Mystery- a new event on Planet Calypso

First there were cryptic messages on the ad screens located in the cities.

 The first message was a riddle:

this is the beginning!

You're being watched, bounties to the involved.

Niu em ek systra sonr X grand speaks my phi.

Lambda is the product of five Patriotic Wars.

When where is known, when shall come.

the Monomyth

Discussion by forumites revealed that Phi and Lambda can be used to annotate longitude and latitude, and the clue hunt was on! The ad-hoc think tank came up with coordinates that matched Chugs Hideout, a somewhat remote outpost on the continent of Eudoria.

The Monomyth was indeed watching. Soon thereafter, a new mesage appeared on the ad screen system:

+rep for being fast!

followed by a 14 x 14 array of X and 0 characters and signed again by "the Monomyth"

Old hands noted that this encryption scheme had been seen before, and quickly went to work and derived the date and time: 31 October 2008, 23:30 UTC.

While there was a monor debate over the interpretation of the location, the consesnus of players there agreed that Chugs Hideout should be visited at the time indicated.

Approximately 100 players were at Chugs when an things started getting interesting.

"Thelma the Monomyth" appeared on the landing platform and stated:

"I've been watching you for a while. "

" Maybe I'm not gooed enough for you."

The Monomyth then began handing out items to the Colonists assembled there. It appears that all colonists that recieved something got an event ticket, some also got other items, such as pants, a decorative gift box, and other things. One ticket was accompanied by a private message from the monomyth that will be detailed later.


"Think harder. Who said the next step would be an easy one? "

"The imprisoned one holds the key"

"This was the beginning, there will be more steps towards the conclusion."

"Hard work pays."

"Now children, find the next."

After distributing the tickets and other items, the Monomyth left Chugs, walking towards Zychion Citadel. As the Monomyth was unarmored and unarmed, a number of colonists provided a voluntary escort, clearing the path of wildlife that would pose a potential threat to this unusual visitor.

Roughly midway between Chugs and the Citadel, the Monomyth dissapeared, leaving in her wake much speculation, and a new group of riddles to be solved.


The monomyth gave colonists tickets for the Planet Calypso evet system. The tickets were all expired, but the event names were worth additional scrutiny:

[email protected]

[email protected]

word 4/4 [email protected]


The "word 4/4" tickets were accompanied by a comment from the Monomyth, "Multiply by 100"

Later discussion about what the Monomyth told the assembled group leans toward "the imprisoned one" refers to Dr Almon Duchev, a researcher that dissapeared while researching the mysterious orbs on the planets surface.

So, whatever is at the end of this path, it appears Duchev is involved, and likely the Umbranoids.

Colonists continue to collaborate in attempt to solve the new set of clues, and solve the mysery of the Monomyth.









About Dr Almon Duchev:

14 portions of Duchevs log have been discovered and reveal that Duchev is being held my mutant umbranoids at an undisclosed location. The Umbranoids are forcing Duchev to research some unusual compoinds, which apparently can cause humanoid bodies to alter their shape. In the most recently located log entry, Duchev indicates that the violent Umbranoids should not be allowed this technology, and he needs to effect escape from captivity.

Calypso colonists have recently discovered small amounts of the Umbranoid compounds after a recent attack on Hadesheim, the capital City of Calypso. Colonists discovered that these compouds can be mixed to create wearable head horns, and even a incredible skin suit that allows a colonist to appear to be an Umbranoid, even if fully armored.


Alpha AG Geek
Founder- Manticore Society

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