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what do you think are the biggest problems in RAID& Dungeon?

Hi guys, let us do a game, a choice question, what do you think are the biggest problems in RAID& Dungeon? (You can choose one or more to answer)

A. Many members’ AFK, make it awful to do the Raid

B. The lack of some important career make it hard to kill the boss

C. Guild’s growth and the guild site’s building need founds or money, most of which have to be contributed by the leader or admins

D. Lack some experienced players to do the RAID

E. Others,



  • AzrileAzrile Member Posts: 2,582

    I really have to say 'none of the above'.

    A.  Once Blizzard reduced raids down to 25, you really can't go afk like you could back when they were 40 man.

    B.  The biggest probelm that WOW did have with instances is that in the past,  dungeons required a tank to be specced as a tank in order to do it smoothly.   Tank specs in the past were very slow at soloing, so you didn't find many tanks (they specced Fury, Arms, Ret etc).   With the recent changes to the game.... tank specced characters will be able to do much better while soloing, so you will probably see a lot more people specced as tanks.  The other change is that for non-heroic versions of dungeons, they also made it so non-tank specs can effectively tank.  Someone specced arms can throw on a shield and tank any non-herioc instance.

    They have also added the death knights, which is a tanking class

    C.  There really isn't a need to spend money 'outside' the game to have a large guild.  Plenty of freebie websites with forums.   They also greatly reduced the ingame burden of raiding with the flasks change last year, and will further reduce it with the potion change this expansion (1 potion per fight).

    D. Raiding is pretty easy if you aren't the main tank.  You dont' need a player with a ton of experience, just someone that can listen to advise.


  • cameeob2003cameeob2003 Member Posts: 14

    I agree with ^^^^

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